Wild Hearts Release Date? What Platforms Will Wild Hearts Release On?

Omega Force, best known for their years of hard work on the Dynasty Warriors series, is preparing to release a totally new and exciting adventure called Wild Hearts. With EA’s support through the EA Originals program and the developer’s entry into a new and fascinating genre, Wild Hearts’ original intellectual property is shaping up to be an exciting new adventure.


Wild Hearts Release Date

In 2023, on February 17th, Wild Hearts will finally be released. It’s confirmed that the PlayStation 5, Xbox One S, and PC versions of the game will all be available at launch.

Since this is the case, the turnaround time between the trailer’s debut and the film’s release should be rather short. Nonetheless, it will be launched alongside a plethora of other games. Must Read About This The Last Of Us Episode 7 Release Date.

Wild Hearts Gameplay

Just a few tidbits concerning Wild Hearts have been uncovered so far. That said, the information provided by EA and Omega Force still allows us to draw certain conclusions. The fantastical game, which has been dubbed the “next great hunting game,” is essentially Monster Hunter reimagined for mobile devices.

Wild Hearts Release Date

In this game, you must travel through a map of feudal Japan in search of fantastic creatures. You can employ a variety of tools and traps, such as enormous, scaleable walls and a propeller to jump upon enemies, along with magic and ranged and melee weaponry to achieve this goal.

Even though the game is not open-world, you will have plenty of room to move around in it and use dodging and ducking to your advantage. In other words, the game isn’t going for the same serious tone as Monster Hunter. Up to three players can team up in this game.

Further information about the game and its similarities to Monster Hunter was disclosed in a playable demo. While it appears that your standard actions, combat, mobility, and traversal are mostly the same.

the new crafting mechanic where you make contraptions in-match seems to be where much of the extra aspects like traps and new mechanics have been implemented. We witness a variety of bombs and flash bangs here. You Can See About This Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Movie Release Date.

Wild Hearts Official PC System Requirements

But, PC gamers must deal with a more complicated release timetable in exchange for getting the game a little bit early. This is due to the PC version of the game not following the standard practice of releasing at the same time everywhere. That is to say, everyone will be able to access the game at the same moment, but owing to time zone differences, some will play the game later than others.

An official image meeting of both the developer and publisher-recommended and required specifications has been made available. For a complete list of Wild Hearts system requirements.

Wild Hearts will be available for Windows on February 16-17, 2023. On February 17, 2023, it will be available for purchase on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. The Active News.Com is the place to go for all the newest news and updates.