Will Smith: What Has Happened To Will Smith After The Slap?

Will Smith: Will Smith is back in the spotlight eight months after he slapped comedian Chris Rock onstage at the Oscars. The actor, who received an award that night for his performance in King Richard, has spent weeks preparing for his return.

Apple TV+ is placing a large wager on his return and his new film, Emancipation, which will be eligible for awards consideration. Smith was the platform’s strongest asset for promoting the film before the crisis, but his actions that day rendered him useless in that role. The Academy has barred him from attending any of its events for the past decade, so even if he were nominated for an award, he still could not attend the Oscars.

Smith’s first film since the slap scandal, Emancipation, will premiere in limited theatres on December 2 to be considered for an Academy Award. Based on the historical story of a slave who escaped from a 19th-century Louisiana plantation to find his family, the film was directed by Antoine Fuqua. Smith portrays the protagonist, Gordon, also known as “Whipped Peter.” In 1863, the image of his tortured and injured back went viral, highlighting the brutality of slavery. Read more about Cris Collinsworth Net Worth

American Activists Were Highly Critical of The Gesture

Will Smith: When producer Joey McFarland brought the original print of the iconic shot to the Los Angeles premiere, it sparked a heated debate on the red carpet. I wanted Peter to be here tonight,” McFarland said. Some African-American activists were extremely critical of the gesture, and it did not go down well on social media.

In a tweet, film producer Franklin Leonard stated, “I don’t know, buddy, but bringing a piece of Peter’ that you ‘own’ on the red carpet of a movie that is personally benefiting you so that you may collect more slave memorabilia that you’ll retain till your death…” McFarland later posted an Instagram apology, saying, “I hope my actions didn’t distract from the film’s message, Peter’s narrative, and just how big of an impact he had on the globe.” May You Read Also Mbappe Net Worth

On Friday, December 9, Emancipation will premiere exclusively on Apple TV+. There has been much speculation in Hollywood about the studio’s plans for the over $120 million feature for quite some time. A lot of people thought the release date would get pushed back to 2023 when the slap would be ancient news. Apple, however, has opted to press forward in the hopes that the film will repeat the success of CODA, the first film to be released via a streaming service, and win the Academy Award for Best Picture. Must Read About Roger Staubach’s Net Worth 

Will Smith
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Some of the most powerful and influential African Americans in Hollywood, such as Rihanna, rapper A$AP Rocky, comedian Dave Chappelle, filmmaker Tyler Perry, and designer Fawn, attended a private screening hosted by Smith in October. 

Then, on November 29th, he visited his pal Trevor Noah on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. He shared his innermost thoughts about what led up to his explosive outburst at Rock’s joke about his wife and how he has spent the better part of the year trying to forgive himself “for being human” on the show.

The actor realizes there are still people who haven’t forgiven him and admits that it’s possible that many people won’t want to see his new film and may even call for a boycott. “I get it if someone is not ready, and I would give them the space they need to not be ready. TheActiveNews.Com is where you may go to get the most recent information.