Zavala Voice Actor Death: The Titan’s Voice Falls Silent

Players of Destiny 2 are in mourning after the untimely passing of the actor who voiced one of the game’s most popular characters. The voice actor that brought Zavala, captain of the Vanguard and one of the game’s most memorable Titans, to life gave the character a fantastic performance that won over admirers worldwide.

Tributes have flooded in from all corners of the gaming community since the news of his death spread like wildfire. Come honor the life and work of this famous voice actor and learn about his contributions to the Destiny 2 world.

Zavala Voice Actor Death at the Age of 60

The Wire and John Wick actor Lance Reddick, who also appeared in video games like Horizon: Zero Dawn and Destiny 2, passed away at 60. While the specifics of what caused Reddick’s death are unclear, TMZ was the first to disclose his passing this afternoon.

Reddick is most known for his role as Cedric Daniels on The Wire, which he portrayed for five seasons. Nevertheless, in recent years, he has also had a significant role in the John Wick franchise, starring alongside Keanu Reeves. The gaming community, however, has a soft spot for Reddick.

He’s played Sylens in two Horizon games for PlayStation, but his longest-running job is that of Commander Zavala in Destiny 2. He’s been in the position of the Titan Vanguard leader—arguably the franchise’s star character, outside of the player—for nearly a decade.

Both Destiny 1 and 2 have had their voice casts changed numerous times. Reddick was one of many famous TV and movie actors who had pivotal roles in the first Destiny. Nathan Fillion and Gina Torres, both of Firefly, have been cast as Vanguard members Cayde-6 and Ikora, respectively. They recast Cayde and end up killing him off. After a year, Ikora finally got a new look.

Zavala Voice Actor Death

Destiny voice performers have also been known to go missing for extended periods when they get too busy with other projects to continue providing their services.

The commanders Zavala and Reddick are not involved. After making his debut in 2014, he has consistently appeared for new voicework practically every year, often in many seasons or expansions in a single year. His untimely passing has devastated millions of Guardians.

Several notable people have passed away later, if you haven’t heard. We have compiled the following articles to help you understand more about the causes of their deaths:

It was always understood that he would continue in part indefinitely. As Destiny moves into animation and live-action ventures, it was reasoned that they could cast anybody they wanted for the various characters, but Lance Reddick would always be Zavala. The future still holds that out for him.

Zavala may be written out of the plot, and I can’t think of a situation where Destiny will be recast. I’m sure there will be a homage to Zavala and Reddick in the game someday. It’s unknown if Reddick has recorded any extra content for the game that hasn’t been made public yet. Also, this year sees the release of the fourth John Wick picture, in which he plays a significant role.

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