After 5 Release Date: When Will It Hit The Screens?

Later this year, After 5, also known as After Everything, will be released, but we have some awful news: this is actually the end.

In May 2023, the most recent part of Tessa and Hardin’s heartbreaking love story aired. It referred to the new film as “the final chapter.” Since the series was supposed to end with After Ever Happy, at least we got one more movie than we anticipated.

The fourth film, however, had a shocking cliffhanger that showed Tessa and Hardin would return for another passionate trip. Will the couple’s story have a happy finish, though?

Here is all the information you need to know about After Everything while we wait to see what will transpire.

After 5 Release Date

The entire trailer and the announcement that After Everything will be released on September 13 in the US, along with other international releases that day and throughout September, were both received favourably.

Fans in the UK will have to wait a little longer because the movie will officially debut on Prime Video in the UK on October 3.

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Hero Fiennes Tiffin confirmed that the sneaky filming had already taken place after the announcement in August 2022.

“We have just wrapped filming on the fifth After movie. I can’t tell you too much about it just yet, but I can tell you that it will be called After Everything, and I cannot wait for you all to see it,” he said in an Instagram post.

After 5 Storyline

If you haven’t seen After Ever Happy yet, turn away now since there will be spoilers ahead. The fourth film closes on a more depressing note because Tessa and Hardin aren’t together, in contrast to the book it is based on, which concludes with a flash-forward in which Tessa and Hardin have two children.

After 5 Storyline
After 5 Storyline

When Tessa discovers the After book, which Hardin has been writing about their relationship, it leads to their final breakup. He informs her it’s too late because it’s already been leaked even if she doesn’t want her life published for everybody to read.

Tessa claims that their ordeal is now finished, but she still finds herself stumbling into a reading of Hardin’s book. When she notices Hardin staring at another woman, she walks away. Tessa is seen heading off into the rain in the final picture when he spots her just as she is about to leave but keeps reading.

The fifth film will start up where the fourth left off, and we predict it will show Tessa and Hardin reconciling (at some point), leading to the happy-ever-after conclusion of the book.

There is plenty of room for the fifth movie to fill in the blanks and provide us with additional drama on its way to a satisfying conclusion because the book makes several time jumps to tell the conclusion of Tessa and Hardin’s narrative.

We were aware that filmmaker Castille Landon was putting the finishing touches on two more After films before the unexpected announcement of the fifth film. One was supposed to be based on the Hardin-centered Before prequel, while the other was supposed to be about their kids.

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As a result of the unexpected additional After movie, we don’t yet know if any of those movies are still in production. There has been no indication of whether the fifth After movie took the place of one of those anticipated films.

After 5 Cast

As Tessa Young and Hardin Scott, respectively, Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin will return since an After movie wouldn’t be the same without them. As Hardin’s parents Trish Daniels and Christian Vance, Louise Lombard and Stephen Moyer were present in the teaser, and the full trailer revealed some more characters who will appear in the finale.

Mimi Keene, who previously starred in Sex Education, plays Natalie, Hardin’s ex-girlfriend. However, she isn’t the only newbie; Benjamin Mascolo also plays Sebastian, and Aya Ivanova plays Emery. We anticipate that characters like Landon, played by Chance Perdomo, and Nora, played by Kiana Madeira, who has since moved in with Landon, will return.

On Prime Video, After Everything will debut in the US on September 13 and the UK on October 3. For more such information, check out our website,