Black Clover Chapter 327 Release Date Status, Time, And Spoilers

Here’s everything you need to know about when Black Clover chapter 327 will be released.

It was an emotional chapter in Black Clover before that. Asta reveals that Lucifero killed Leibe’s mother, and Leibe is overcome with emotion as she remembers her. If she hadn’t run into him, his mother would still be alive, he believes. Despite Leibe’s disappointment, Asta comforts him, telling him he’s grateful to have met him. Lucifero is confronted by Asta and Leibe, who call each other brothers. Asta is enraged by Lucifrero’s murder of Leibe’s mother as they approach the Devil King. Next, according to the spoilers, you’ll be shocked.


Black Clover Chapter 327 Release Date And Time

On Friday, March 18th, 2022, or Saturday, March 19th, 2022, depending on where you live, a new chapter of Black Clover will be released.

read black clover manga
read black clover manga

The time for the chapter 327 release is as follows.

  • Pacific Time: 7:00 AM (March 18th)
  • Central Time: 9:00 AM (March 18th)
  • Eastern Time: 10:00 AM (March 18th)
  • British Time: 3:00 PM (March 18th)
  • European Time: 4:00 PM (March 18th)
  • Indian Time: 8:30 PM (March 18th)
  • Japan Time: midnight (March 19th)

Black Clover Chapter 327 Spoilers

Anti-Magic is the title of Black Clover Chapter 327. After growing his fifth horn, Asta takes on a new Double Union form in this chapter. A new Anti-Mana zone gives him the power to nullify any magic that comes in contact with him because he is enraged by Lucifero. When it comes to Asta, all of Lucifero’s magic is ineffective.

read black clover manga
read black clover manga

Despite Lucifero’s best efforts, Asta manages to grab hold of his hand and uses his Black Slash technique to sever Lucifero’s horns and newly sprouted arm. Yami and Nacht have been freed from Lucifero’s grasp thanks to Asta’s attack.

Will Asta’s Devil Union mode & power reservoir be enough to defeat Lucifero?

Lucifero’s battle with the Magic Knights is far from over. One by one, the heroes take their positions in front of Lucifero. Yuno is knocked down, and Yami and Nacht are transported to opposite sides of Lucifero, where they used “Combination Magic: Doppelganger.” There’s only one person who can stop Lucifero from advancing on Asta: the demon Lucifero.

Lucifero’s death will depend on Asta. In Black Clover Chapter 327, we’ll find out more about this. There will be no pause in the release of Black Clover Chapter 327 on Sunday. Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine is expected to publish the raw scan two days before the official release. The translated chapter is expected to be released on the same day as the original chapter. It will also be available in different time zones around the world so that everyone can enjoy it at their own pace.

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Chapter 327 of Black Clover may feature a one-on-one battle between Asta and Lucifero. Lucifero’s gravitational pull was too much for Asta a few chapters ago. However, he has returned to battle the devil once more.

Yami, Nacht, Yuno, and Asta are unable to defeat Lucifero despite their combined efforts. Asta and Liebe will use Black Clover Chapter 327 to take on Lucifero in a new form with five horns, strengthening their bond even further. Asta’s 5th horn can be seen in the center of his forehead, as well as the flower emblem on his chest. When in Devil Union mode, Asta’s power should be much more potent.

No, Lucifero will not be defeated by Asta’s Devil Union form and Liebe’s groping. This could be the subject of Black Clover Chapter 327.

On March 20th, 2022, Black Clover Chapter 327 will be released. In addition to the Viz website, Manga Plus website, and the Shonen Jump App for Android and iOS, all of Black Clover’s chapters are available online. For more information on the Japanese manga series, check back with Devdiscourse.

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