Danny McBride Wife: Meet The Women Who Stole His Heart?

American actor, comedian, writer, and producer Danny McBride is a multi-talented individual who has had a big impact on the field of entertainment. McBride, who was born in Statesboro, Georgia, on December 29, 1976, has a diverse body of work that demonstrates his range and comedic talent.

In the comedic movie “The Foot Fist Way” in 2006, which he co-wrote and starred in, McBride made his breakthrough. His remarkable career began with this, and he later went on to give standout performances in films including “Pineapple Express,” “Tropic Thunder,” and “This Is the End.”

McBride has established himself in the television sector in addition to his work in movies. In the critically praised HBO series “Eastbound & Down,” which he developed and acted in, he played the role of Kenny Powers, a former baseball player with a flamboyant attitude. The program gained a devoted following while showcasing McBride’s distinctive humorous approach.

The HBO shows “Vice Principals” and “The Righteous Gemstones,” both of which McBride co-created and starred in, further cemented his reputation as a gifted actor and creator. We have included every detail regarding his marriage below.

Who is Danny McBride’s Wife?

Gia Ruiz is Danny McBride’s wife. The couple has been married for quite a long time. On December 29, 1976, he was born in Statesboro, Georgia, in the United States.

Gia Ruiz was born in the month of May 1976. Ruiz looked after special needs students at Los Angeles City College before she met the actor. She was, nevertheless, equally drawn to entertainment that took place off-screen. The former employee of Los Angeles City College worked as an art director for “The Foot Fist” in 2006.

Who is Danny McBride Wife
Who is Danny McBride Wife

A few years later, she collaborated with McBride in the “Eastbound & Down” art department. Ruiz is a mother of two now, and she places a lot of importance on her family. She chooses to maintain a low profile, and the media rarely provides information about her daily activities. Additionally, Ruiz stays away from social media and doesn’t have any accounts there.

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The start of their romance was really unexpected. At the 2002 Super Bowl games, they caught each other’s attention. They stayed in touch but didn’t start d@ting until one Christmas Eve when they chatted and McBride, who was getting ready to quit his job, asked her on a cross-country ride. The couple were also expecting their first child in 2011.

Have a look at the tweet below which confirms that Danny and Gia were expecting their first child in 2011.

Despite being certain of their relationship, the couple d@ted for nine years before exchanging vows on October 9, 2010. Apart from the date and the fact that they eloped, nothing else is known about their weddings.

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