Does Nezuko D!e in Season 3 And What Exactly Happened To Her At Demon Slayer?

In Demon Slayer, Nezuko is between 12 and 14 years old. She helps her brother Tanjiro fight demons in war, and she also changes back into a person.

Demon Slayer is a popular manga from Japan that has been made into movies and an even more popular anime series. It tells the story of a society that has to deal with mu*derous demons and how one brave boy tries to fix his sister, who has been infected and beat the monsters for good.

Tanjiro starts on a journey to try to heal his sister and keep her safe from harm, whether from monsters or people. Nezuko lives through the first att@ck by demons that k!lls her family, but does she d!e later in the story? Will Nezuko d!e at the end of the anime and manga, or will she live? Let’s find out!


Does Nezuko D!e in Season 3?

In Demon Slayer, Nezuko fights various terrifying Demons and comes dangerously close to losing her life on multiple occasions. In Episode 19 of the first season of Demon Slayer, for instance, Tanjiro faces off against Rui, one of the fearsome Twelve Kizuki, the 12 strongest demons who are only second to the demon king, Muzan.

Eventually, Rui manages to get the upper hand in the struggle and hurls his sharp thread/webs at Tanjiro. Nezuko sacrifices herself by stepping before her brother, sustaining multiple cuts, and losing a hand. Because of his hate for his brother and sister, Rui has increased his terrifying att@cks at them.

He eventually has Nezuko so tightly bound in a web that she is drenched in bl00d. Nezuko comes dangerously close to de@th, but she and Tanjiro can band together and defeat Rui with the help of the memories of their loved ones. Considering the severity of Nezuko’s w0unds, several viewers have found it hard to believe she survived the ordeal.

Does Nezuko D!e in Season 3

In Episode 6 of Season 2 of Demon Slayer, Nezuko nearly lost her life in a battle against the 113-year-old evil Daki. Daki throws Nezuko into a structure, and she gets buried in the debris after landing a few yards in. She gets hacked in half by razor belts and loses an arm, but to Daki’s astonishment, she manages to pull through. Despite what some may say, Nezuko does not d!e at the end of Demon Slayer. This is supported by both the manga and the anime.

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What Happened to Nezuko at Demon Slayer?

Nezuko stays a demon throughout the game, helping her brother Tanjiro with his tasks. Nezuko is exceptionally powerful for a monster, with a unique Bl00d Demon Arts that is lethal to other demons but harmless to humans.

Despite this, she was unlike any other demon and showed an extraordinary mastery over her craving for human flesh, even resisting Muzan’s influence. During her fight with Daki in the Entertainment District Arc, she also showed remarkable regeneration abilities, quickly reattaching and regrowing any limbs she severed.

It’s commonly believed that a demon’s strength increases the more it feasts on human flesh and blood, yet this individual has never done either. In contrast, Nezuko stands apart due to her exceptional strength, which allows her to quickly and completely dominate one of the Upper Demon Moons.

As a result of her offensive self-defence skills, which she employs to significant effect, especially when assisting Tanjiro in fighting off other demons, Nezuko is a rugged individual to k!ll. In the story’s later chapters, Nezuko also learns to combat the demons’ universal weakness: sunlight. She developed a resistance to the sun’s rays, an ability that not even Muzan, the Demon Progenitor, had.

This piques Muzan’s curiosity, and he wants to acquire this solar resilience for the sake of all demonkind and his quest for global dominance. Thankfully, Nezuko was transformed back into a human before Muzan could develop her immunity to sunlight, so he never got to steal it.

On the flip side, she gave up all of her demonic strength and invulnerability when she reverted to human form.

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When the Demon Slayer Corps was fighting Tanjiro, who had been changed into a demon, Nezuko, still in her human form, hurled herself at Tanjiro to bring him back to reality. Nezuko couldn’t stop her brother as effectively as she had when she was a demon since she lacked the demonic abilities that allowed her to do it as a human.

Despite Tanjiro going insane, as Nezuko did in the very first chapter, Tanjiro was able to restrain himself from trying to k!ll Nezuko. Nezuko’s injuries were severe, as she broke her arm while trying to stop Tanjiro from k!lling the other demon slayers.

When Kanao inj*cted Tanjiro with the same d*ug that had turned Nezuko human again, the siblings hugged each other, relieved that the ordeal was finally done. Tanjiro, Nezuko, Inosuke, and Zenitsu returned to the Kamado house after the final battle against Muzan.

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