Doll’s Frontline – Episode 12 (END) – The Sacrifice to Defeat Sangvis

What exactly does AR15 intend to do with M4 now that she has kidnapped her?

M4 appears to be unconscious as she sees a vision of a dream that is weakening and in which she sees AR15 in a laboratory. The flashback witnessed this time is the same one that M4 saw the last time he was in the same situation. AR-15 inquires as to M4’s identity after hearing what she observed in her prior dream. She becomes skeptical when she discovers that the AR-15 in question is the Sangvis’s ringleader. Because their memories are encrypted, M4 is unable to provide an answer.

Doll’s Frontline
Doll’s Frontline

In any case, AR-15 is still battling to maintain control over the Parapulie virus that has been implanted in her. Of course, Alchemist decides to confront her head-on while trapping the other Griffin T-dolls, making it difficult for them to flee or call for assistance in the process.

Meanwhile, Gentiane appears to be in a dismal situation after making a serious mistake. To put it another way, it’s excruciating for her to even think about it because what occurred the last time was so terrible. Fortunately, the other commanders arrived just in time to provide her with troops to clear a safe passage to the waiting rescue chopper.

When AR15 finally managed to get a shot off at Alchemist, it appeared as she missed. SOPII, on the other hand, was able to bring her down. The position of M4, as well as the information obtained about Sangvis, is discovered when AR15 comes across M16 and offers her a data cassette containing the location of M4. She intends to sacrifice herself to save everyone else by detonating the bombs.

Sure, SOPII and M16 are displeased, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, AR15 was the most elite of the elite T-dolls. Her ambition is to execute a spectacular mission and get to the level of a celebrity. Unfortunately, she was compelled to join the AR Team, and she despised everyone on the team. However, she ultimately decides to sacrifice herself by activating the bomb with the so-called leader of the Sangvis and Alchemist, who is still alive, to save others’ lives. And all of this happens while M4 is trying to save AR15 and SOPII, and M16 is chasing after her. Unfortunately, they have arrived too late.

Is this the end of the AR15 era for good? In addition, it appears that Parapulie has been implanted in another Griffin T-doll by someone. I guess we haven’t seen the last of Sangvis, even though she sacrificed herself to vanquish the enemy. Overall, I considered it to be a disappointing and unpleasant ending.

Final Impressions

I have to admit that covering Dolls’ Frontline was a challenge. However, while the premise and story are intriguing, as well as the fights, the anime serves as a promotional tool for the mobile game and possibly the manga, and it still leaves certain questions unsolved from the original anime. It’s not surprising, given the fact that the story is still unfolding.

The conclusion was unsatisfying and left many questions unresolved, including why the AR team was founded and how it came to be. Also worth mentioning is the fact that Sangvis appears to be still alive despite AR15’s sacrifice. Was it all for naught, after all? They left a cliffhanger, which left me with a lukewarm feeling about the whole thing.

It’s a good thing, despite its limitations, that they chose a female commander this time around. Kalina is a likable character, and the Griffin T-dolls is endearingly adorable. As a whole, while the concept is intriguing, the execution is only acceptable at best when compared to Azur Lane and Kantai Collection, which are both far more successful. In any case, this program has the sensation of a half-full and half-empty glass; it is entertaining, but there are portions of it that could have been done better.