Dylan Redwine Autopsy Report: Where is Mark Redwine Now?

In 2012, Dylan Redwine, who was 13 years old, was brutally k!lled by his father and some other people. When the boy was found in an unusual state, wearing his father’s clothes and a diaper, the story spread quickly.

Because of these claims, his father, Mike Redwine, was asked to appear on the Dr. Phil show in 2013. There, he said he had nothing to do with his son’s mu*der and answered all the questions about it. But if he wasn’t involved, the crowd asked, why would he try to avoid the polygraph test?


Dylan Redwine Autopsy Report

The morgue has returned Dylan’s body for further autopsy testing. The missing child was found in a rural area of Vallecito, Colorado, 13 years after he vanished. After being reported missing for several months, he was eventually located, although the circumstances of his de@th remain unknown.

“I can’t say that the cause of de@th is known,” said Dr. Robert Kurtzman 2021, Montana’s chief medical examiner. A perimortem fracture and cut marks on the skull are the only things I can say with any degree of certainty.

He came to the conclusion that Dylan, age 13, was mu*dered. Only the causes of de@th can be determined after a thorough autopsy. Decomposition tests performed on his body showed he had been exposed to the elements for quite some time.

Dylan Redwine Autopsy Report

He had been de@d for quite some time, as evidenced by the presence of rigor mortis and livor mortis on his corpse. Dental records were used to characterize the remaining ids.

Several bones, including the baby’s left humerus, right femur, and ribs, were broken. After his de@th, it appears that animals or the environment acted on their own accord.

Where is Mark Redwine Now?

Dylan Redwine’s father, Mark, was also a suspect in his k!lling. He was arr*sted and accused of having had to do with his son’s de@th. When news of the case broke, it became the subject of intense media scrutiny. But no one in the Redwine family seems to know where to find Mark these days.

The whereabouts of the k!ller are currently unknown. Dylan’s mom, Elaine Hall, has testified against her ex-husband. She detailed her final moments with her kid. She spoke movingly of the final embrace she shared with her son before he p@ssed away.

Brandon Redwine, his half-brother, testified on his behalf and said:

“It got my attention on a very big level.” he said, “I remember telling my wife, ‘he’s telling me what happened, he’s not telling me what exactly was used, but we don’t have enough information to be thinking about blunt force trauma. It just shocked me, I didn’t know where it was coming from.’”

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