Erwin Bach Net Worth: How Much Money Has He Made in His Life?

Erwin Bach is well-known in Germany for his work as a music executive, but he is also known as an actor and director. He was born in Cologne, Germany, and after he married Tina Turner, he became well-known.

In the 1980s, he was sent to London’s Heathrow Airport to pick her up, which is where they met. Bach met Turner for the first time when he was in charge of EMI’s European branch. In less than a year, their friendship turned into something more intense. Check out our full post to learn more about his wealth.

Erwin Bach’s Net Worth

German music producer Erwin Bach has an estimated net worth of $200 million. Germany’s birth canal welcomed Erwin Bach on January 24, 1956. His friendship with the famous Tina Turner spanned from 1986 till she passed away on May 24, 2023.

He was 16 years younger than Tina. The couple, Erwin and Tina, relocated to Switzerland in 1995. In 2013, the couple tied the knot, and by 2021, they had both become Swiss citizens.

Erwin Bach Net Worth

Erwin has a few credits to his name, including the 1999 film “Maldito amor: Demasiado Tarde” and the upcoming 2020 documentary “Tina Turner: One of the Living.” Additionally, he oversees operations as MD of EMI Germany and MD of EMI Recorded Music Switzerland.

Erwin Bach’s Lakefront Mansion: How Much Did They Spend?

When Erwin was offered a position with EMI Recorded Music in the mid-1990s, Bach and Turner decided to make Switzerland their permanent home.

Tina and Erwin rented a home on the shores of Lake Zurich from 1995 until 2021 because foreigners are not permitted to buy property in Switzerland outside of designated tourist areas.

In 2021, after renting for more than 30 years, Erwin and Tina became naturalized Swiss citizens. They bought a mansion on the shores of Lake Zurich for about $76 million in December of 2021.

A Swiss newsgroup recently learned that a sizable plot of the lakefront property had changed hands. The Bach family has been sitting on the property that will be transferred to Erwin Bach in late 2021 for many years.

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