It is a sci-fi anime series based on the God Eater video game series. The main plot of God Eater is similar to those of other fantastic anime. Even yet, the anime’s plot is well-structured and has plenty of exciting moments that make it worthwhile to watch.

Overall, it was well-received. That’s why it got such a good score. According to popular websites, it received an IMDB rating of 7, while MyAnimeList gave it a rating of 7.4. Here’s everything you need to know:

In collaboration with Ufotable Studio’s animators, Takayuki Hirao directed the show. Go Shina provided the soundtrack for the video. The first season of the anime aired in the year 2015. Fans were pleased with the show’s performance and eagerly awaited the next season. Each episode lasted about 24 minutes, and there were 12 in all.

Ufotable has developed several excellent anime, and the art style was designed to evoke a video game-like experience for the viewer. Remember, this is the company that brought us shows like Kimetsu No Yaiba and the Date series, two of the best-animated programs ever produced.

This is a fantastic and engrossing series, and its fans are quite appreciative of it. People that develop these weapons are known as God Eaters, and they are notoriously badasses. Originally published in 2010 for the PlayStation Portable, God Eater was followed by God Eater 2 and God Eater 3 throughout the following years.

The God Eater anime was created to mark the fifth anniversary of the popular video game series. The show was hailed for its gorgeous and artistic art style, but it was also condemned for production problems that caused the final four episodes to run much later than expected. Despite the passage of time since the last season’s release, fans are eagerly anticipating the release of season two, which we now have all the details on.


God Eater Season 2 Hasn’t Been Confirmed

For the time being, God Eater season 2 fans will have to rely on the word of animation company Ufotable, who worked on the anime sequences for God Eater 3 to believe that another season is in the works. Due to the lengthy and expensive production delays created by the show’s unique animation technique in season 1, many fans were disinterested in the show during its initial airing. While there is a lot of speculation about the second season of God Eater, there is presently no actual information about it.

God Eater Season 2
God Eater Season 2

God Eater Season 1 Overview

Doomsday is the setting of the anime. Humanity is on the verge of extinction in the far future. Aragami, terrible entities that can take on any form, now dominate the planet. Numerous Aragami, which do not know each other at all, form Oracle cells. The Aragami Core, which serves as their brain, directs the group’s behavior. Because they eat anything that crosses their way, they are terrifying. All they won’t eat is anything with a similar chemical composition to their own.

The “God Arc,” a weapon built from the Argami core, is the only method to defeat Aragami. The Fenrir is the group responsible for creating these God’s Arcs. God Eaters are those who possess the God Arcs necessary to defeat an Aragami. After his family is devoured by Aragami, the anime depicts Lenka’s journey to find himself. God Eater’s training is for him to become even more powerful.


Sales & Profit Details

The success of the first anime is critical to the subsequent instalments’ success. Anime sequels tend to be less successful than their predecessors. In any event, this pattern is already well-known. It’s for this reason that sequels are so common. An experienced anime producer, Masamune Sakaki, estimates that a 13-episode animation costs $3 million to produce.

It is unlikely that the film’s creators would put much money into a sequel. They’d only do it if they knew they’d get their money back. Because there was no manga or light novel source material, we are unable to conduct an analysis. To find out how God Eater did, below are the results for each category:

CD and DVD sales

Three categories are included here: game, anime, and a combination of the three. Around 5345 copies of the combo DVD were sold. The off-shot package was also part of the deal. The most popular variants were the bundles. Because of this, it may be estimated that God Eater anime has a print run of 2000 copies.

Below is a graph illustrating how well-received it was. God Eater sold over 290,000 copies in its first week of release. Estimated net sales are in the neighbourhood of $10 million. Although this is bad news for the brand makers, they would have avoided losing money and generated a nice profit over time.

the sale of goods

Because it was based on a video game, the potential for merchandise was enormous. Mobile phone cases, charms, straps, and garage kits were among the products made. In comparison to anime or video games, these products were not as popular. There’s no way to tell how much money they made.

What is clear, however, is that they received very little revenue and were forced to discontinue the campaign. One of the reasons was that the game was not realistic enough. Unless it has a cult following, it will be difficult for it to sell.

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God Eater Season 2 Release Date

God Eater’s second season was planned to premiere in 2017 at the earliest. It was supposed to be released in 2019, however, that was pushed back. The sequels to the video game were also launched at the same time.

Anime is usually made to promote the source material. It wasn’t a manga or a light book in this case. A video game, to be exact. Despite the absence of a second season, the game’s sequels did well.

No official word on the second season of UFOTable has been released yet. Most animes are made to promote the original material. However, in this case, the source was neither a manga nor a light novel. Video games were involved. Despite the absence of a second season, the game’s sequels did well.

There have been no formal announcements about Season 2 as of yet. Still no word about how many more seasons UFOTable will have. Season 2 news will most likely be revealed in 2022. We can’t rule out a second season based on the success of the video games. Let’s take a closer look at the anime and all that surrounds it.

It is expected to be announced by 2022 at the earliest (early). Since the pandemic is still influencing the global economy, it complicates matters.

Popular Characters We Hope To See In God Eater Season 2

The Lindow (Rindo Amamiya)

He leads the God Eaters’ initial line of defense. Extermination was under his command as well. He’s the only one who’s made it thus far without dying. With the Old-Type Long Blade God Arc, he may do massive damage to his opponents.

Toshio Sakuyo Tachibana

The first unit’s deputy commander. She’s a master of the sniper God arc and a superb marksman. She’s renowned for her ability to evade detection.

Schicksal, Soma,

A member of the first unit who reports to Lindow. He’s a socially awkward introvert who prefers to stay alone. Old-Type Buster Blade is a powerful and rare God Arc. He may not have the best chance of surviving, but he has a higher rate of recovery than the average human. This young man is the eldest child of Johannes von Schicksal.

He was Johannes Von Schicksal.

The head of Fenrir’s Far Eastern section. The NAU’s Anagura campus houses it. He’s the God Arcs’ political guru. he’s an excellent negotiator and manager. His calm demeanor in the face of adversity has made him a beloved figure. he’s Soma’s father .’s

The Hibari Takeda Group

God’s Arcs operator in the Far East branch of the organization. She is in charge of organizing the task teams and compiling reports for her bosses. She’s also in charge of handling the rewards. She works very hard to get on the Gods Eaters’ list of potential recruits. But a bias factor destroyed her hopes.

The name of Kota Fujiki

A regular member of the first unit of the armed forces. Assault God Arc and unarmed combats are his specialties.

Alisa Ilyinichna Omela

The Russian rookie on the block. Had previously engaged in combat with the Aragami. Her God arc is called The Long Blade Assault (TLBA). When it comes to fighting at close range, she’s unbeatable.

Tsubaki Amamiya

Lindow’s sibling. She is in charge of the God Eaters’ first, second, and third divisions. She is an inspiration to the god-eaters since she has endured so much death.

Paylor Sakaki

A founding member of Fenrir. He is the Chief Supervisor of the Far East Branch’s Aragami Technology Department. He’s the one who discovers the Bias Factor and leads a research team to know more.

Aisha Gauche

A founding member of Fenrir. Also the Chief of Aragami Research Lab. She is married to  Johannes von Schicksal. Soma Schicksal’s mother.

Licca Kusunoki

A female mechanical technician. She works for the God Arc Maintenance Crew. Her talent is in repairing.

Tatsumi O’Mori

A veteran who was under the 2nd Unit. He also commands the Defense Unit. He possesses the Short Blade God Arc. He is skilled in armed combat.

God Eater Season 2 Plot

The game’s plot is expected to be followed in the movie. Next season’s creators will not veer from the established course. The popularity of the game sequels is proof of this. The first season of God Eater concluded in the year 2071. In a battle, Lindow lost his hand, which was a devastating turn of events. It is said that he battled the Aragami as a God Eater. As a result, this season’s possibilities of a new lead are considerable.

Both Lenka Utsugi and Shio have the opportunity. It’s no surprise that Lenka has a larger following than the other two. Fenrir would be more powerful and capable of crafting far superior weapons. During Season 1, the present God’s Arcs began to lose their relevance.

Controversy Around God Eater

Generation Z was also familiar with the game. This explains why it received so little attention.

There were, however, protests and outrages about the brutal violence depicted in the film. It was a little occurrence that did not affect the overall scope of this.

Is there any Trailer Yet?

Season 2’s trailer has not been released. Because there have been no official announcements, this is the explanation.

God Eater, however, was released in 2015 and has a trailer here. The trailer will be unveiled in conjunction with the official announcement.


The Season 2 announcement is expected to be made in 2022 at the earliest. In addition to the ones listed above, this is highly dependent on numerous additional variables.

In any case, there is still hope for the followers. Despite rumors to the contrary, there is no way to know for sure if Season 2 will ever happen. Nothing we hear about the show should be taken seriously unless it comes directly from its producers.

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