James Gunn Explains Liking Alan Tudyk’s Tweet Defending Joss Whedon

James Gunn appreciates and likes Alan Tudyk’s tweet, in which he can be seen defending Joss Whedon.

James Gunn explains why he admires Alan Tudyk’s tweet defending disgraced creator Joss Whedon for 2020, at the request of actor Ray Fisher.


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Joss Whedon, the acclaimed director and creator of shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Avengers, has had his celebrity dwindle in recent years owing to charges of sexual harassment and bigotry.

The claims date back to 2017 when his ex-wife Kai Cole released an essay accusing him of engaging in fake gender feminism while in many relationships.

James Gunn
James Gunn

However, it wasn’t until 2020 that the controversy around Joss Whedon’s bad behavior gained traction.

Fisher, who played Cyborg in the DCEU’s Justice League, was the first to speak out about Whedon’s lack of professionalism and violence during the film’s reshoots this summer.


Gal Gadot and Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress Charisma Carpenter were among those who defended him and shared the stories that they had written.

Alan Tudyk, a Firefly alum, was among the first to offer support for Whedon and his character. “Wasn’t there, but I have known Joss for 17 years, I honestly can’t even picture it,” he tweeted.

Gunn was a fan of Alan Tudyk’s tweet on that particular day, which sparked some controversy among people who believed Alan Tudyk was the Guardians of the Galaxy director promoting himself for Joss Whedon.

Fisher reached out to Gunn for clarification on another of his tweets that he liked over the weekend after he clarified another of his tweets that he loved.

“You got it,” Gunn wrote, before pointing out that Alan Tudyk eventually apologized for making comments about which he was unsure.

As a result, James Gunn had the same reaction, saying, “I read what Alan said and thought, ‘Damn, he’s right.'”

Since James Gunn’s Tweet, Joss Whedon has been in the news again, this time for an interview he did for NY Magazine.

The interview was intended to provide Joss Whedon’s perspective on the Justice League crisis, but it appears to have spurred Fisher supporters to express their support.

Joss Whedon stated that Fisher was unsuitable for playing a terrible guy in Justice League, which is why Cyborg’s role was reduced.

Fisher’s critique of his talents was another attack on Joss Whedon from a fan’s perspective, given that he has been the most vocal opponent of Joss Whedon on social media and on social media.

Because a single like can be understood to have various implications, the introduction of technology has made it more complex and challenging to identify a person’s genuine objectives.

In the case of James Gunn, he acted instinctively, despite the fact that he had no knowledge of the circumstances.

Key Takeaways

It doesn’t mean James Gunn is a bad person or that he deserves to be punished for his mistakes.

James Gunn undoubtedly understands how the internet can perceive things better than other people, having been sacked from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 due to tweets in the past.

However, it’s encouraging to see that he’s prepared to acknowledge and apologize for his faults in a courteous manner.

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