Wondering About Janelle Brown Weight Loss? Here Is The Scoop!!

Janelle Brown is a reality television star who resides in the United States. May of 1969 was the month of Janelle Brown’s birth. Since 2010, she has been a cast member on the TLC reality TV series Sister Wives, which is the primary source of her fame. Janelle is the second wife that Kody Brown, a polygamist, has had. Janelle and Kody have entered into a spiritual union despite the fact that they are not married under the law.

She and Kody are the parents of six children: four males and two daughters. Janelle is one of Kody’s four wives, and the couple together have a total of 17 children. She is the only one of Kody’s wives that did not come from a polygamist background when she was growing up.

Just a few short months before Janelle and Kody began d@ting, her mother engaged into a polygamist marriage with Kody’s father. The general public’s attention has been drawn to her lately due to her recent weight loss, despite the fact that she is already highly famous due to her work. Simply scroll down to get all of the information.

Janelle Brown Weight Loss

The star of Sister Wives, Janelle Brown, has gone through a motivational weight loss journey, and now she is offering encouragement to her fans who may be struggling with their own efforts to get in shape and eat healthier.

Janelle posted a snapshot illustrating a pink drink she makes for herself that brought change in her weight. In the caption, she addressed, “I never thought I would find a product that made such a change in how I felt, let alone promote it. However, THAT HAS CHANGED! Moving from my home really put my body to the test – and I can’t even begin to tell you the energy & mental clarity I had throughout the entire process.”

“Plexus – “ the pink drink” – Maddie started using it about nine months ago and I watched. When I saw the huge impact it had on her, Caleb’s and especially my grand babies digestion and gut I thought, well maybe it would hurt to try it.”

“I now won’t go a day without it. It has completely revolutionized my relationship with sugar. I haven’t been free of that addiction since I was very young. It has helped my sleep and my energy and mental clarity are THROUGH THE ROOF.”

Janelle Brown Weight Loss
Janelle Brown Weight Loss

“This is not a weight loss product – however, weight loss can be a positive side effect when giving your body what it needs. It focuses on gut health, hormones and balancing your glucose levels. (Most of us in the modern age full of stress and processed foods need these things.) These products are about healing your body from the inside out.”

“Focus on healing your gut, reduce inflammation, balance your hormones, and in return you will see a significant positive change.”

“Also this is a product you simply add into your routine. Simple to use and it TASTES GOOD too!Janelle had spoken up on how the path to better health can take many various forms, but that the effort put in is always well worth it in the end several weeks before she shared the uplifting message.”

Have a look at the Instagram post uploaded by Janelle in which she talked about her pink drink.


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Janelle has boasted about her weight reduction in a series of appearances that she made which showed her face after she had lost weight.

Janelle thought that the drink provided her the results she wanted, as evident in the photo that was taken of her in late July, so she continued to follow the health regimen that Maddie had recommended.

Janelle went on Instagram to provide her followers more information about her journey to lose weight. “Everyone’s weight loss journey looks different. I’ve said before I am always hesitant to share publicly any progress I make because, let’s be real, there are always nay sayers in the crowd. However, in the past year, not only have I increased my strength but in my own unique way I have lost weight and inches.”

She went on to say that the Plexus program for weight management  “was the magic I wish I had years and years ago. I never thought I could feel as good as I did at 18 and finally feel like I’m on my way to my ultimate health goals. This is not an overnight fix.”

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She concluded, “I wasn’t searching for instant results, because those don’t tend to last – but slow and steady, as they say, wins the race! I couldn’t be more excited about my progress.”

Check out the official Instagram post by Janelle Brown which shows her before and after appearance.


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The journey that the Utah native is doing to lose weight is not the only thing that has changed in her life. After nearly three decades together, Janelle and Kody called it quits in December of 2022.

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