Karen Tumulty Illness: Is She Suffereing From C@ncer?

Political commentator Karen Tumulty works for The Washington Post. Tumulty contributed to Time between October 1994 and April 2010 before joining the Post. She worked for the Washington, D.C.-based magazine as a Congressional Correspondent and National Political Correspondent.

She co-authored or wrote more than thirty cover stories during her more than 15 years at Time. She worked for Time as a congressional reporter and White House correspondent. Even though she enjoys considerable career popularity, her fans are interested in any updates on her health. Continue reading to find out if she has any illnesses or not.


Does Karen Tumulty Has Any Illness?

There hasn’t been any recent information released about Karen Tumulty’s illness. The columnist’s management has not made any public confirmations, despite rumors that the columnist is presently ill and battling c@ncer.

The columnist also seems to be leading a happy and healthy life outside of the spotlight, based on her social media pages. Furthermore, no reliable sources existed that described Karen Tumulty’s illness or any changes to her health.

Does Karen Tumulty Has Any Illness
Does Karen Tumulty Has Any Illness

If such revisions exist, they are typically private and only the individual or their designated agents may divulge them. The journalist is physically fit, but because her brother Patrick has experienced a lot of health problems, she has actively covered a variety of healthcare reform-related themes.

Since her brother’s health issues, Tumulty has been expressing her personal experiences and challenging the worldwide healthcare system. After being diagnosed with Stage 4 glioblastoma, the most fatal type of brain c@ncer, her sibling di*d at the age of 67.

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Karen has been actively writing to medical facilities all over the world to improve their services since Patrick’s passing.

Is Karen Tumulty A Cancer Patient?

Many people are curious as to whether Karen Tumulty, a columnist for the Washington Post, has c@ncer. The journalist has not yet been diagnosed with c@ncer, and rumors to the contrary exist.

Nevertheless, Karen indicated that she was given a thyroid c@ncer diagnosis in 1988 in a twitter post. But after going through numerous operations and procedures, she was able to recover and is now leading a normal life.

You can check the official tweet by Karen Tumulty below which confirms that she had thyroid c@ncer in 1988.

Karen is now a vocal c@ncer champion as a result of her considerable c@ncer-related suffering. Her contributions to the healthcare sector are also well-known.

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