Lorcana Release Date: What To Expect From The New Trading Card Game?

To add a little bit of the Disney magic to the TTRPG world, Disney is releasing its own trading card game, Disney Lorcana, with the assistance of Ravensburger this fall. Players in Disney Lorcana will find themselves working as illumineers for the mystical world of Lorcana, which will gradually reveal its story.

Disney characters are brought into a book as “glimmers”—special versions of the characters that only exist in that world—by the magic of magical ink to assist in the hunt for lost lore and safeguard the realm of Lorcana.

In order to establish the rules and story for the mythical setting and magic-filled inks, Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter will be the trading card game’s initial release. Then, four sets will be produced annually, increasing the number of cards in the collection and deepening the narrative that surrounds them. To know everything about Disney Lorcans, keep reading!!

Disney Lorcana First Chapter Release Date

This fall, the first chapter of the enchanting Disney Lorcana Lorebook will be completed when Set 1, Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter, debuts on August 18 in specialty hobby stores. The game will be made accessible for mass-market purchase on September 1st.

Take a look at the tweet by The Bearded Dragon below which states that Disney Lorcano First Chapter will release on August 18, 2023.

The US, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg will all sell Disney Lorcana. Now, let us walk through the starter decks of Disney Lorcana.

Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter Starter Decks

Disney does not print special cards for cons or other events in an effort to get around the Pokémon TCG’s main difficulty with exclusive cards. There are three starter decks in Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter, each of which has two ink colors. The cost of each is $16.99 USD, $21.99 CAD, or £17.99 GBP.

  • Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter Amber & Amethyst Starter Deck
  • Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter Sapphire & Steel Starter Deck
  • Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter Emerald & Ruby Starter Deck

The various magical ink variations will each offer a different magical strategy, much like how MTG handles its color formulas for powers. There haven’t been many particular cards presented, making it difficult for fans to deduce what each color will concentrate its abilities on.

Disney Lorcana The First Chapter Starter Decks
Disney Lorcana The First Chapter Starter Decks

You can read the post that can be found below if you are interested in learning when other games will be made available:

Each Starter Deck has 60 cards made up of two of the six inks and is balanced and ready to play. Along with one booster pack containing 12 cards at random, 11 damage counters, one tracker token, and a paper playmat, the decks will also come with two collector foil cards for the characters shown on the front of the packaging. Likewise, now let’s take a look at the booster packs the game will offer.

Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter Booster Packs

Illumineers can buy more Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter Booster Packs if they wish to build bigger decks or try to find a specific rare card. These packs will be offered for sale on launch day for a price of $5.99 USD, $7.99 CAD, or £4.99 GBP.

The cards that are included in each booster pack vary, but they all come with one foil card, two cards that are either rare, super rare, or legendary, and nine other cards that are a mix of common and uncommon types.

 Additional Items For Disney Lorcana Illumineers

Disney Lorcana needs accessories, just like any other delightful TCG. To improve their gaming experience, players can purchase a number of supplementary Disney accessories. Some of the extras that will be sold are listed below.

  • Disney Lorcana shimmering card sleeves. Mickey Mouse, Elsa, and Captain Hook will all be present in the first releases.
  • Deck boxes with a maximum capacity of 80 sleeves. The first batch of deck boxes will coordinate with the Mickey, Elsa, and Captain Hook-themed card sleeves.
  • Playmats with a cloth top and a non-slip bottom that can also be used as mouse pads. These will get started with artwork including Mickey Mouse, Maui, and Maleficent.
  • Portfolios to keep the collections safe.The Stitch and The Queen-themed Disney Lorcana card wallets can carry 64 regular cards and 8 larger cards.

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