Matthew Broderick Cheating: Sarah Jessica Parker Debunks The Infidelity Rumors!!

Carrie Bradshaw would be shaking in her sky-high boots right about now, and Sarah Jessica Parker couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to work with shoe designer Manolo Blahnik.

The 48-year-old Se* and the City star is featured on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar’s September issue, which is the magazine’s biggest issue to date. She is photographed by Terry Richardson within the codex wearing Chanel, Gucci, and Oscar de la Renta, and she appears on the cover wearing a glitter gold Marc Jacobs gown.

Thanks to the HBO comedy, where Parker wore high-end items and daring choices from costume designer Patricia Field, she became an instant fashion icon. But the well-heeled star also kept up her eccentric glam persona away from the camera.

Parker, a native of Nelsonville, Ohio, was praised by fashion writer Cathy Horyn for being “unfailingly gracious” in her feature article.

Matthew Broderick Cheating
Matthew Broderick Cheating

Parker previously worked with a mega-designer named Halston on a project called Bitten, a cutesy clothing line, but both collaborations failed and, in contrast to popular belief, Parker claimed she was not paid in either instance.

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The wife of actor Matthew Broderick and mother of three still maintains her fashionable persona as she ages, but it turns out it comes off a little more naturally than most people imagined. Concerning her marriage with Matthew Broderick, many people questioned her because there were speculations that her husband is cheating on her. She recently ended her silence on the subject and replied to them politely. Keep reading to find out more.

Sarah Jessica Parker Speaks Up About Matthew Broderick Allegedly Cheating

Sarah Jessica Parker defended her nearly 22-year marriage to Matthew Broderick while denouncing rumors in the press that the couple was having problems. Parker commented that she was fully aware of everything but chose not to comment at the time. She has been asked by many about how she makes her marriage work, to which she has replied, “We don’t talk about it.”

Sarah and Matthew are from a different era and place. All they ever wanted as children was to become successful working actors. Since money was never a part of their dreams, they didn’t consider fame or wealth. The goal was to work in theater and be surrounded by artists whose work Sarah completely admired. She never noticed the trappings; nobody mentioned being famous.

Consequently, they wouldn’t consider themselves required to address rumors or accusations when their marriage was brought up in conversation. Couples need to exercise some caution, but they also need to take a stand and stick with it. She also said on Stern Show, “We had our first official d@te on March 8, 1992 and we’ve been together ever since.”

You can check the official tweet by Stern Show below. 

She has also mentioned that life’s realities must also be considered. In particular, she adores her husband, Matthew Broderick. She may be a little crazy, but she loves him. Both performers have strong commitments to their families and personal lives. Because Sarah likes that he is the father of her children and because of him, there is this whole other world that she loves, she has disproved all the cheating claims surrounding him.

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