‘Overlord’ Season 4: First Look Trailer, Cast, Release Window, and Everything We Know So Far!

Overlord’s NPC monsters and minions may be making a return in the dark fantasy anime series Overlord. Do you have any idea when or where that might be? We’ve acquired the information you need after traveling to speak with the creatures of the east and west. Season 4 of the anime will begin filming in May 2021, according to a tweet from the show’s official Twitter account. The fourth season of the action-packed anime has finally been given further details.

When an online role-playing game is forced to shut down due to inactivity, one final player who is still logged in is transported to a new world in the Naoyuki Ito-directed anime series, based on the same Japanese light book series. With nothing to lose, the young man sets out to conquer the fantasy world, earning the loyalty of beasts, monsters, and humanoids along the way and destroying anybody who stands in his way. When Ainz Ooal Gown was first introduced as the Lich monarch of the Sorcerer Kingdom, he set out on a journey to conquer the videogame realm he now inhabits.

Creators are working on a new game and full-length film that will further explore the Overlord universe, in addition to Season 4. According to the dark fantasy series’ staff, they’ve had a lot on their plates. Overlord Season 4 has not yet been officially announced, but here’s what we do know:


Is There an Overlord Season 4 Trailer?

In December 2021, the anime’s official Twitter page posted a teaser for the upcoming season. Get a sneak peek at the upcoming bouts right here.


Overlord Season 4’s Release Date

Overlord Season 4 will be published in Japan in 2022, according to the show’s makers, but no information has been provided about when it will be available in other countries. A full three months before the start of the third season, both Seasons 1 and 3 began airing in July, while Season 2 ran from January to April of 2018. Many are already speculating about a second summer release based on this new information.

Overlord Season 4 Cast

It was revealed in a live stream announcement of Overlord Season 4 that some of the characters’ voices will be returning.

Satoshi Hino will reprise his role as Ainz Ooal Gown, Nazarick’s most revered Supreme Being and the show’s central protagonist. As in Season 3, Yumi Hara will reprise her role as Albedo, the high-ranking yet needy succubus who was unfortunately shown to be a virgin in the third season.

overlord season 4
overlord season 4

Shalltear Bloodfallen, the harsh, icy, and dreadful, yet quite beautiful, tiny creature, is once again voiced by Sumire Uesaka. In Season 4, Kenta Miyake will reprise his role as the Guardian Cocytus. The gender-bending twin Guardians of the sixth floor, Aura and Mare, will be voiced by Emiri Kato and Yumi Uchiyama. One of the NPC bosses in the game, Demiurge, is rumored to be voiced by Masayuki Katou again.

No word yet on whether new characters or new voice actors will be introduced in the anime’s fourth season, although character art has been posted online for those who haven’t seen it before.

Overlord Season 4 About

The Holy Paladin arc has fans wondering if it will be addressed in the upcoming season of the game-centered series, but reports are emerging that director Ito has declared that the film will address this in 2021. According to the official plan, the fourth season will be a direct continuation of season three.

Audiences witnessed Ainz’s continued drive for dominance as he pursued the Giant of East and West, killing anybody who stood in his path, in season three of the show. Meanwhile, the Baharuth Empire appears to be siding with Lord Ainz before attempting to betray him and his Sorcerer Kingdom in Season 3.

Nazarick and Re-Estize engage in a bloody duel, which results in the death of Gazef. With the possibility of a rampage through the Capitol looming, King Ramposa III relinquished control of the E -Rantel system after recognizing Lord Ainz’s true might. To witness how the cold and powerful Sorcerer King will continue his quest for dominion and world dominance, we’ll have to wait for a little more.

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Which Studio Is Handling the Animation for Overlord Season 4?

The fourth season of the dark action series will be produced by Madhouse, known for producing anime favorites like Death Note, One Punch Man, and Parasyte. Considering the third season’s controversy over the show’s use of computer-generated imagery, many are expecting a better this time around.

Where Can You Watch Overlord Season 4?

The Season 4 premiere of Overlord hasn’t been announced yet. Crunchyroll’s simulcast premium service, which offers viewers access to episodes of various anime series just one hour after they air in Japan, is a popular option for fans of the series who have waited over four years for the fourth season to be released.

Ad-free viewing, simulcast episode releases, and access to the site’s manga collection are all included in Crunchyroll’s premium subscription for $7.99 per month. In addition, there are additional tiers of membership available, which provide subscribers with perks such as offline viewing, swag bags, and goods available only to Ultimate Fans.

Where Can You Catch Up on Overlord?

The first three seasons of Overlord are acceptable if you haven’t seen them yet. All of us have erroneous actions. To paraphrase Ainz Ooal Gown, “you only have to make an effort not to make the same mistake again.” So, to avoid making the same mistake twice and betraying our terrible master, watch the first three seasons before the fourth is published. With a subscription to Hulu, you can watch the first three seasons of Overlord for free (ad-supported) on Crunchyroll.

And What About the Overlord Game?

Fans of Overlord Season 4 will be thrilled to learn that they may look forward to more than just another season shortly. Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam are expected to get a 2D action-game as well.

In a fresh original plot written by Overlord novel author Kugane Maruyama, the forthcoming game will follow the slain cruel psychopath Clementine as she gathers lost memories and employs martial arts to escape the Tomb of Nazarick. Fans of Overlord can’t wait to get their hands on the game’s 2D battle screen pictures, which have been shared on Twitter.

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