Who Is Ronald Acuna Wife? Meet The Lady Who Became His Life Partner!

Baseball player Ronald Acuna Jr., who was born on December 18, 1997, in La Guaira, Vargas, Venezuela, is known as one of the most famous and wealthiest players in the sport. In honour of Miguel Cabrera, he wore the number 24 during his entire career in the minor leagues.

His first season playing in the major leagues of baseball was spent with the Atlanta Braves, for whom he was an outfielder. He was honoured with the National League Rookie of the Year award for 2018. Many of the player’s fans are interested in learning about his wife, despite the fact that he is very well-liked for his accomplishments in the professional world. Just keep scrolling down to find out everything.


Who Is Ronald Acuna’s Wife?

Fans of the Atlanta Braves now have an additional reason to rejoice, as the team’s star outfielder, Ronald Acuna Jr., has recently accomplished a major milestone in his personal life.

There have been rumours circulating that Acuna and Maria Laborde, his long-term girlfriend, had recently sealed the wedding in a private ceremony. The baseball prodigy and the woman who won the title of Miss Teen Carabobo in 2015 had a solid connection for a number of years prior to this turn of events.

Braves Today posted an official tweet that confirms that Ronald Acuna has married Maria Laborde.

The romantic journey of the pair is characterized by more than simply their most recent wedding ceremony. In September of 2020, they had their first child, Ronald Daniel Acuna Laborde. In addition, the family grew even more after the addition of a new member in the latter half of the year 2022.

Who Is Ronald Acuna's Wife
Who Is Ronald Acuna’s Wife

An emotional new chapter was added to Acuna and Laborde’s narrative early this year when Acuna proposed to Laborde. During a lovely family dinner, Acuna dropped down on one knee to propose to his then-girlfriend by giving her an engagement ring. The touching moment was captured and shared online. Fans were given a glimpse into this personal milestone because of the fact that the moment was filmed on social media.

You can see the proposal video of Acuna and Laborde in the official tweet below.

How’s Ronald Acuna Jr. Performing In 2023?

The baseball world has been paying attention to Ronald Acuna, and not just because of his personal life. He is currently leading Major League Baseball in a variety of statistical categories and is one of the main candidates for the Most Valuable Player award in the National League.

Acuna continues to win the hearts of those who follow his personal journey as well as baseball fans thanks to his excellent performance on the field and his joyful moments away from the game.

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Fans of the Atlanta Braves may join in the celebration of Acuna and Laborde’s new chapter together while the team continues its pursuit of triumph on the diamond.

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