Saw X Release Date: When Can We Experience The Horror?

Spiral: From the Book of Saw was ready for a follow-up, but Saw X will be the next and potentially final instalment in the Saw series, taking audiences back to the beginning of Jigsaw’s tale for all time and bringing Tobin Bell along for the bloody ride once again.

Filmmaker James Wan captivated viewers with his directorial debut Saw in 2004, a unique movie with a shocking twist that eventually gave rise to nine films, including the spinoff Spiral. The eleventh film in the series, Saw X, will be released in 2023.

The Spiral movie received mixed reviews, but this is normal for Saw films. With each additional sequel released, the Saw franchise’s quality and audience size gradually declined. Although many viewers have remained with Saw to the bitter end, Jigsaw’s numerous traps continue to be a highlight of the gruesome series.

Just two years after the conclusion of the previous Saw movie, the seemingly impossible delayed Saw X has a release date. Here is everything that is known about Saw X, which James Wan is presumably hoping will be the franchise’s grand finale.

Saw X Release Date

The release date for Saw X is slated for September 29, 2023, aligning it with the other Saw films, all of which are typically released right before Halloween. Although Saw X will make its theatrical debut, no information regarding the film’s eventual streaming site has been made public.

In February 2023, word of the formal completion of Saw X’s filming surfaced. Josh Stolberg, the Saw X writer, made the announcement on Twitter and offered a chance to win a genuine circular saw autographed by Tobin Bell.

In April 2021, Twisted Pictures publicly stated that Saw X was in development. The screenplay for Saw X was finished in December 2021. In August 2022, it emerged that Saw X would be directed by Kevin Greutert, who had previously helmed Saw VI. Two months later, it was made known that Tobin Bell would be returning as John Kramer/Jigsaw, setting the plot between Saw and Saw II.

You can see the official tweet by Saw X below which confirms the release date as 29 September.

Saw X Cast And Crew

Of course, Tobin Bell’s decision to return to the Saw X cast as the notorious serial ki!!er John Kramer, aka Jigsaw, was the greatest cast news. While Kramer passed away in Saw III, Saw X is a prequel movie that takes place between Saw and Saw II. Shawnee Smith’s Amanda, Kramer’s ward, is another cast member making a comeback in Saw X.

Saw X Cast And Crew
Saw X Cast And Crew

Furthermore, the legendary Dr. Lawrence Gordon of Saw X may see a return thanks to actor Cary Elwes.

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So far, John and Shawnee are the only two characters confirmed returning for Saw X, but there are others in the Saw X cast in undisclosed roles, such as Michael Beach (Aquaman), Synnøve Macody Lund (Ragnarok), Steven Brand (Teen Wolf), Renata Vaca (Dale Gas), Paulette Hernandez (My Demons Never Swore Solitude), Octavio Hinojosa (How to Survive Being Single), and Joshua Okamoto (The Club).

Josh Stolberg (Jigsaw) and Peter Goldfinger (Spiral) are writing the screenplay, and Kevin Greutert (Saw VI) is returning to the James Wan franchise as the film’s director. Now, let’s look at the storyline of Saw X.

Saw X Plotline

The plot of Saw X has now been made public. In several of the franchise’s films, Saw X serves as a prequel. In reality, the film occurs in-between the first and second films in the series. Remember that Jigsaw was initially presented in Saw, which also lured two men to make awful choices by forcing them to confront their past transgressions. Later in the series, viewers discovered that Jigsaw was actually John Kramer, who was terminally ill with c@ncer.

The Saw X narrative will revolve around this. In the film, John travels to Mexico between Saw and Saw II after learning that a hazardous, experimental medical technique might be able to save him. When he arrives in Mexico, he discovers that it is a hoax intended to take advantage of the most defenseless members of society—those who are terminally ill and have no other hope.

John decides to play Jigsaw against these people for hiring the most helpless, and he puts up his clever traps to teach them all a horrible and lethal lesson. Likewise, is there a trailer available? To know the answer, read on.

Saw X Trailer

There is no Saw X trailer available at this time. Saw X is scheduled to hit theaters in September 2023, thus it’s quite possible that marketing materials like posters and teasers will start to circulate then. The summer of 2023 will most likely see the release of a Saw X trailer.

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