Snoop Dogg Munchie Meal
Snoop Dogg Munchie Meal

Snoop Dogg “Munchie Meal” Brings the Late Night Treats

Both Snoop Dogg and Jack in the Box are extremely popular in the state of California, so it only makes sense that they would collaborate on a new meal to be dubbed “Snoop’s Munchie Meal.”

In a news release, Jack in the Box has announced that beginning today and continuing until August 6th, consumers may receive a combo meal for the price of $14 that includes a tasting of some of their most popular menu items as well as sauces. According to the statement, both Jack in the Box and Snoop Dogg are familiar with the hunger that might strike late at night.

What is Snoop Dogg’s Munchie Meal?

Snoop Dogg, an American musician, and actor, has collaborated with the fast food restaurant company Jack in the Box to create a new menu item called Snoop’s Munchie Meal. For $14, you can get the Snoop’s Munchie Meal from Jack’s, which features a selection of snacks designed to “cure all late-night cravings, sweet or salty.”

Snoop Dogg announced the partnership with Jack in the Box in an Instagram post and wrote:


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The goal of this group effort is to celebrate the Munchie Meal’s tenth anniversary. A Spicy Sauced & Loaded Chicken Sandwich, a Classic Taco, Medium Curly Fries, a Baked Brownie, plus a beverage of your choice make up the Snoop’s Munchie Meal.

Jack in the Box is also introducing a new customizable meal called the Build Your Own Munchie Meal, which includes a choice of four entrees, two sides, and a drink. Entrees range from the Double Jack to the Jack’s Spicy Chicken to the Ultimate Cheeseburger.

Two tacos, onion rings, half a pound of fries, a pound of curly fries, and a pound of French fries, with your choice of a soda, a shake, a red bull infusion, or a medium coffee, for drinks. Jack in the Box announced the availability of Snoop Dogg’s Munchie Meal in a press release dated June 16, 2023.

Snoop Dogg Munchie Meal

In celebration of the inaugural Munchie Meal’s ten-year anniversary, a brand-new dish has been made to “cure all late-night cravings.”

The dinner consists of the following, as stated in the press release:

  • Spicy Sauced and Loaded Chicken Sandwich
  • Classic Taco
  • Medium Curly Fries
  • Baked Brownie
  • Sprite/Drink of Choice

In contrast to the taco, which features a “crunchy taco with melty American cheese, shredded lettuce, and our signature taco sauce,” the sandwich features “two 100% all white meat spicy chicken strips, bacon crumbles, french fries, white cheese sauce, Good Good sauce, and ranch on a Brioche bun.”

Both the fries and the brownie are “perfectly seasoned” and “crispy,” but the brownie boasts “delicious classic dark chocolate brownie batter, mixed with semi-sweet chocolate chips.” The meal has been promoted on social media by Snoop Dogg and Jack in the Box.

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