Sophia Tantum: From Netflix Star to ABC’s Supernatural Drama!

It’s been a while since Sophia Tatum has worked, so you might not remember her name. However, it’s time to reacquaint yourself with her. She has starred in the Netflix original series “I Am Not Okay With This,” which was her first job in more than 14 years.

She hasn’t worked hard recently, but she’s back with a fury and is prepared to advance her abilities. Beautiful, youthful, and with plenty of time on her hands, she has the perfect life ahead of her. Now is the moment for her to reclaim her notoriety and establish her reputation in a society where doing so is practically impossible for most people.


Who Is Sophia Tantum?

Known for her roles in the movies Salt (2006), I Am Not Okay With This (2020), and 3 Days Closer, Sophia Tatum is an actor. She gained notoriety after taking part in the I Am Not Okay with This Netflix original series, which debuted in 2020. She is also widely recognized for 3 Days Closer.

Her roles in movies and television shows helped her become well-known. Along with this she is a model who is represented by Next Model Management, and she has been cast in a number of significant roles. As mentioned earlier, the actress has not got too many roles, but recently she has been cast in the ABC drama, The Brides, which will surely impact her career.

Who Is Sophia Tantum
Who Is Sophia Tantum

ABC Drama The Brides Casts Sofia Tantum

The ABC pilot for Brides of Dracula has cast Sofia Tantum. Along with Chris Mason (Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists) and Katherine Reis (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Claws), Sophia Tatum (I Am Not Okay With This) has been cast in the supernatural drama pilot for ABC, The Brides.

Check out the official tweet below which states that Sophia Tantum has been cast in ABC’s drama The Brides. 

The Brides is a sultry modern adaptation of Dracula written by Aguirre-Sacasa and directed by Maggie Kiley. It is a family drama with three strong female leads at its center: Cleo (Torres), Renée, and Lily (Reis). The Brides is a vampire soap about empowered, immortal women and the things they do to maintain riches, prestige, lineage, and their unconventional family, with significant horror undertones.

Katherine, the newest of the three Brides of Dracula, will play Lily Stevens, a struggling singer in New York City whose connection with a news reporter threatens to end her marriage to her “sisters.” She braved the streets of Jack the Ripper’s London in a previous life before being “rescued” by Dracula.

In our previous posts we have covered the latest details about some notable individuals. If you want to know about them, you can read the posts below:

Roland Grant will be portrayed by Mason. This chic real estate tycoon arrives in town to compete for professional supremacy with Cleo (Torres), the “Queen of New York City real estate” and the head of the Dracula brides. With his covert connections to Dracula, Roland has a personal interest in the Brides’ de@th.

Justine Strang is portrayed by Tatum. Justine arrives at Renée Pélagie’s studio, a top modeling agent in New York City and the “middle” wife of Dracula, completely friendless and new to town. Renée quickly takes Justine under her wing, not realizing that Justine might also have a history with Dracula.

The pilot is executive produced by Sarah Schechter, Kiley, and Berlanti.The Brides is a Disney TV Studios production that Berlanti Prods is working on alongside WBTV and ABC Studios. The show includes the vampire Dracula even though the women will be the main emphasis.

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