Troy Aikman Divorce: Is The NFL QB Separated From Catherine Mooty?

Troy Aikman Divorce: Former NFL quarterback Troy Aikman was born in California. The Dallas Cowboys picked him up in the 1989 NFL Draft. The Cowboys won three Super Bowls while he was there. In 1992, Troy won Most Valuable Player of the Super Bowl. Furthermore, he was selected for the Pro Bowl six times. He left the NFL in 2000 and was inducted that year.

Aikman had a fruitful second career in broadcasting after leaving the NFL. He worked for Fox for a while, then in February 2022, it was reported that he would be moving to ESPN. Troy Aikman divorce has garnered notice despite the achievements that he has had professionally. Read on for details regarding Troy Aikman divorce from his wife.


Has Troy Aikman Divorce Catherine Mooty In 2020?

After not being seen together in public for quite some time, fans of Troy Aikman have speculated that he has divorced his wife, Catherine Mooty. The legendary quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys and his wife Catherine Mooty are reportedly divorced, as per some recently released photos. Haley Clark posted photos of the Hall of Famer k*ssing and hugging her on her Instagram account which we have mentioned in the following paragraphs.

The Daily Friday posted an official tweet which you can see here.

After d@ting for almost a year, Troy and Catherine tied the knot in 2017. Both had already started families when they found each other and decided to get married. He and his ex-wife Rhonda Worthey have two children, Alexa Marie Aikman and Jordan Ashley Aikman. Catherine’s ex-husband Jerry Mooty is the father of her kids Luke and Val.

Has Troy Aikman Divorce Catherine Mooty In 2020
Has Troy Aikman Divorce Catherine Mooty In 2020

In recent years, Troy Aikman and Catherine Mooty have not mutually posted each other on social media which raised rumours about Troy Aikman divorce. In February 2020, while on vacation in Paris, Catherine and Troy posted their final photo together online.

Importantly, though, Catherine still uses Aikman as her last name, and the two of them are mutual followers. Since Aikman’s new girlfriend shared the photos, Catherine and the kids have stopped posting anything on social media. This has got people to think about Troy Aikman divorce.

Is Troy Aikman D@ting Haley Clark?

NFL veteran Troy Aikman appears to have ended his marriage to “Catherine Aikman” after a series of steamy Instagram images in which he is seen k*ssing and making out with a much younger woman.

You can see the recently posted images by Haley Clark here in which the two can be seen embracing each other.


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Haley Clark has shared multiple photos on her Instagram in which she is seen embracing the cheek and patting the thigh of the 56-year-old ex-quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. They have been seen sunbathing and swimming off of the luxurious Almalfi Coast in Italy, where Troy’s present wife is not to be found.

Some of the articles we’ve published about high-profile splits include the following:

Haley Clark is the Senior Sales Director for Q Fifty One, a manufacturer of high-end casual menswear. Q Clothier and Rye 51 are two of the brands owned by the Dallas-based firm. Southern Methodist University was also the place where she completed her education. Neither she nor Aikman have ever been publicly linked, thus their romance comes as something of a surprise.

But now that everyone knows about her romance with the quarterback, she’s subject to even more attention. It seems that this latest information comes to us from Capri, Italy. The relationship status of Haley Clark and Troy Aikman has not been confirmed as of yet.

The details of Troy Aikman divorce from Catherine Mooty are as of yet unknown. Follow our website,, if you want the latest updates on the personal lives of your favourite actors, including marriage, divorce, relationship status, and more.

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