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Westworld season four is ready to go. We now have to wait patiently for it to come.

President of HBO programming Casey Bloys said: “From the western theme park to the futuristic metropolis, we’ve had a blast with every twist and turn. We can’t wait for you to see it!”

“We can’t wait to see where they come up with something new.”

Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan told Variety that their goal was to make at least one more season of the head-spinning sci-fi bonanza. Fortunately, their wish was granted.

But what do they have planned? Check out this list of everything you need to know about Westworld season 4.


Westworld season 4 potential release date

Good news: As of March 2022, we don’t know when the fourth season of Westworld will be out.

It looks like the wait is almost over. Woohoo! Variety says that a new season will be on TV this summer. In June 2021, Jeffrey Wright told us that filming had already finished. Now, thanks to him, we know that filming has already been finished.

The Apple TV+ documentary series he narrated, Lincoln’s Dilemma, has been getting a lot of attention, so Wright talked to Deadline to promote it.

“We finished last December, but I don’t know when it’s going to be out,” says the person. Welcome to summer!

He said more: “There will be more of the Westworld you’ve come to expect in season four, as well as a lot more digging down into some issues and technology that we’ve already seen before, just like always. It will be exciting. I don’t know when we’re going to air, but I’m sure it will be in the next few months.”

He had a lot to say about his character Bernard Lowe and what Lowe has been up to during the break from work.

Westworld Season 4
Westworld Season 4

Bernard is still trying to figure out everything, and he is still a part of the fight, Wright said. “Bernard is right in the middle of the fight. It’ll be fun.”

The show’s co-creator, Lisa Joy, seemed to agree with him.

On the Hero Nation podcast from August, Joy talked about what’s to come.

There are some new worlds that I think are fun, and you’ll see someone I funnily took from Reminiscence.

More on the story is below.

It looks like the episodes will be coming out at some point this year. HBO has been releasing teaser clips of what’s to come as part of a huge promotional video for its streaming service HBO Max.

Since Season 1 came out in 2016, Seasons 2 and 3 came out in 2018, and Season 4 came out in 2020. There has been a two-year gap between seasons.

This is how it worked: The first season came out in the fall. Seasons two and three came out later this year, in late March or early April. So far, things haven’t worked out so well for them. The more optimistic of us would expect something to happen in June, though.

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Westworld season 4 cast

Most people aren’t as lucky as the cast of Westworld. Even if their characters are killed off, the actors can often return in a new body. This means that even people who died in season three could show up again later on in the show.

Because of the HBO sizzle reel, we already know for sure that some of the stars are coming back. Thandiwe Newton, who plays Maeve Millay, is on the cast list. Jeffrey Wright plays Bernard Lowe / Arnold Weber, and Aaron Paul plays Caleb Nichols.

Some of the other stars who are expected to come back are:

At the top: Charlotte Hale and Dolores Abernathy are played by Tessa Thompson and Luke Hemsworth, respectively. Simon Quarterman plays Lee Sizemore, and Rodrigo Santoro plays Hector Escaton.

In another twist, Ed Harris has come back to the show. Because this is Westworld, the man who was killed by Thompson’s “Halores” was replaced by a host that Thompson can control. This means Harris will be back for more in round four.

At the Paley Center for Media, Newton said, “I don’t know what they have in store for me.” “I’m teamed up with Tessa [Thompson], I know,” Newton said. Hopefully, we can do some good damage.

But she’s sure to like the season-four scripts she’s seen.

This is so good, man. Newton said: “It’s so good, man” (via ComicBook). I think this is the best of the best from one, two, and three. It’s got all the best parts.” It’s so rich, and there’s something about the pandemic that makes it so interesting to me.

In a way, I think art has helped us all. Our lives now depend on art differently.” So, for real, our lives depend on art, because art is being taken away from us.

As for Evan Rachel Wood, the actress who played the original Dolores Abernathy, her future isn’t clear.

I learned about her fate “halfway through” or “at the end,” Wood said on Variety and iHeart’s show The Big Ticket.

“We learn a lot about our characters’ stories each time we watch them.” We get a general idea at the start of each season. They tell us where our characters are, what their goal is, and then they go.

“Then, we learn as we go along.” Because I think it’s hard to work on, but also exciting, she said. So Jonathan Nolan called me and told me the news.

That’s what he said. Yes, the Dolores we know is gone. He was very direct about it and a little vague about other questions I had.

Nolan said that to Variety: “No one knows where Dolores is now, but she is dead. We love Evan Rachel Wood, but we haven’t talked about how the show will look in the future. Isn’t it a lot different?”

That doesn’t mean we won’t see Wood again.

Dolores: “I think it’s important to mark the occasion with Dolores because this is a show where death can be short-lived. These are robots, after all.”

It’s a new version for people.

News that Aurora Perrineau from Prodigal Son has joined the group is even more exciting. Deadline says she will be in at least five episodes.

And could there be a cameo by Hugh Jackman as a cowboy, too?

New worlds: “You’re going to see some new worlds that I think are interesting, and you’re going to see someone who I kidnapped from Reminiscence in a very funny way,” Joy said.

Hmm, interesting and interesting!

Westworld season 4 plot

As soon as the hosts left the park, the bosses of Westworld had a rough idea of what would happen. Season four could be their last.

If that’s true, then all bets will be off when the war against humanity comes to a close. This means there will be even more surprises in the last episodes of season four.

Nolan talked to The Hollywood Reporter about the themes of season three, and these ideas could very well be used in season four as well.

“I think it’s a big change. What makes these characters interesting and appealing is that they’re not real people. It’s just like the hosts. In some ways, they’re even smaller “He told us.
“The kind of story we’re telling can’t be told by humans. The hosts have a different way of looking at death.

“I think that with Dolores, as she’s laid out, there is a bigger picture here, a bigger goal. They’re important. It takes a long time. And that’s a great level of story to be a part of.”
With The Wrap, he talked about how the season three end of Bernard will affect him in the future.

As he said, “Bernard goes into The Sublime and comes out of it at some point.” “Perhaps with a little more clarity than he’s had before.

“How do I know when he comes out? I think it’s simple. As time goes on, I think we will see him emerge from The Sublime.

“That thing has vaccinated him. He’s out of it now. He’s ready to start a new and more free life. We don’t know where he’s going, but he’s changed since he left.”
As for the next batch of episodes, Nolan has also talked about what The Man in Black will mean for the people who are there.

“I’m a big fan of being led by irony,” he said when he spoke to the Paley Center for Media.

“In the end, the Man in Black turns into the thing he’s been controlled for so long. On the other hand, I can’t wait to see Ed kill everyone.”


Newton is also hoping that Charlotte and Maeve’s relationship gets more serious (via Deadline).

“Now that Dolores has grown, Hale is interesting to me because she is an extension of her. It’s interesting, isn’t it? When an apple falls far from a tree, it’s like this: Having children is interesting because they quickly break away from their mother, which makes it interesting “She said.”

“I liked how Hale went from being very sad and clinging to her creator, Dolores, to wanting to kill her. It’s an interesting path. So, yeah, I’m curious to see how Maeve will act if she plays into that.

“Because we haven’t seen much of Maeve and Caleb together. There’s not going to be a simple way for Caleb to keep up with Dolores’ work.

“In fact, why is he there? Why did Dolores put him there? Does she care so much about us all having a leader? Why? Is it just a game for her? There are a lot of people who want to go somewhere else and start doing bad things there. I just think there are worlds inside worlds.”

Newton said more: “So, I’m talking to Lisa in general. At the very beginning, all those years ago, they kept to their original plan for how this was going to work out. There are times when we think, “Oh, my God, why would they get rid of that character?” but they’ve been able to keep it going.

“So why do they do this? Because they are so in touch with what they wanted to do at the start. They don’t care about how many people like them or how many fans they have. They want to tell a story that they dreamed up a long time ago, and they’re going to keep it up. I love that.”

Westworld season 4 trailer

I don’t think there is a trailer for this movie right now. That’s not all. We promise that when we do, you’ll see it.

In the meantime, keep coming back to this page, and we’ll keep you up to date on all the new things that happen.

HBO shows Westworld in the US. Sky Atlantic and NOW show it in the UK, and you can also watch it there.

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