What Happened to Chili on Chicago Fire? Revealing the Truth!

Dora Madison Burge first appeared on Chicago Fire as a guest star in Episode 21 of Season 3. She played paramedic Jessica “Chili” Chilton, who was troubled and replaced Peter Mills (Charlie Barnett).

Soon after, up until Episode 14 of Season 4, Dora was given unrestricted access to the Chili game. Her sudden exit, which occurred after filming had concluded, left many spectators baffled.

What precisely happened to Chili on ‘Chicago Fire’? If you want to know more about the details, keep reading.


What Happened to Chili on Chicago Fire?

The third and fourth seasons of Chicago Fire depicted a thrilling period in Chili’s life. In Season 3, she convinces Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg) to invest in her firm after stealing part of her father’s invention to cool drinks.

Christopher offers to cover some of the production costs with money that was taken from his bar, Molly’s. Despite the fact that they learn the idea has been patented, they get closer to one another as a result of the experience.

Chili offers Jimmy Borrelli (Steven R. McQueen) an impetuous kiss in the fifth episode of season four. However, she manages to keep things going with the future EMT and firefighter for a little while. After a few episodes of Chili rejecting Jimmy’s advice on how to handle the fling at work, Jimmy dumps her.

What Happened to Chili on Chicago Fire

Season 4 opens with the revelation that Chili has been hiding her alcohol abuse from the rest of the office since the tragic death of her twin sister, Alissa “Jellybean” Martin (also played by Dora Madison Burge).

Alissa’s dead body was discovered in her apartment in Season 4. Chili’s deterioration began with the tragedy. She found it more difficult to do her duties as the paramedic in command of Ambulance 61 while also trying to recover from the tragic loss she had experienced.

Viewers can watch the following seasons of the TV show in question:

Why Did Dora Madison Burge Quit ‘Chicago Fire’?

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Chicago Fire showrunner Matt Olmstead explained that the death of Chili was done to add suspense to the show’s midseason episodes. When things took an unexpected turn, they got the attention they were hoping for.

Matt says, “[There are] no plans for Chili to come back right now. You can’t just save up the big moments and departures and entrances for characters in episode one and episode 22. It almost conditions the audience to be like OK, we’ll tune in for the first episode and tune in for the finale because not much is going to happen in between because the writers are too timid to make any kind of moves.”

He continued, “So you can threaten people leaving, and you can kind of rattle your saber here and there. Unless you follow through on it, no one is going to believe you.”

Matt told the media that letting go of Dora was difficult. He remarked, “It’s hard. We liked the actress a lot, and she did a great job.”

New episodes of Chicago Fire air on NBC every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. Eastern.

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