Black Myth Wukong Release Date: When Can We Embark On This Journey?

It is not very common for a role-playing game (RPG) created by an independent game developer to generate such a great deal of enthusiasm and excitement among gamers.

A 13-minute gameplay trailer for the upcoming role-playing video game Black Myth: Wukong was released by the Chinese game company Game Science in 2020, seemingly out of the blue. It is safe to say that the trailer caused a ruckus on the internet. In addition to that, it has some Soul-like characteristics.

The video has been seen more than 10 million times on YouTube, and the upcoming role-playing game has quickly become one of the most anticipated new RPGs.

Black Myth: Wukong is quickly becoming a dream come true for role-playing game (RPG) fans thanks to its stunning environments and its tight fighting. Without further ado, let’s examine all we know about the game, including when we can expect it to be released, and see if there are any surprises in store.


Black Myth Wukong Release Date

It is very bad that Game Science has not yet disclosed the official release date for Black Myth: Wukong, but the official release of the game is anticipated to take place during the summer of 2024.

Okami Games posted an official tweet which you can see below.

Even while this will be upsetting for some people, the developers have made it quite clear on their website that they won’t release the game until they are completely content with the fact that the experience has been perfected and is complete.

While it’s possible that they won’t need 500 years to finish, they won’t release it until they can say that they, as players, are satisfied with it. They continue, even dropping hints about the potential for a future series of video games by declaring that after all, more works in the Black Myth series are in serious planning.

Black Myth Wukong Storyline

At this point in time, our knowledge regarding the specifics of the game’s narrative is extremely limited. Because Game Science has not disclosed any information regarding that facet of the game, our sole source of information is what we have seen in the game’s official trailer which we have mentioned below.

Black Myth Wukong Storyline
Black Myth Wukong Storyline

What we do know is that the game is based on the book “Journey to the West,” and that the main character is Sun Wukong, who is a legendary and mythical person in Chinese folklore. Wukong is an extraordinarily powerful being who is famous for his strength, agility, and ability to shapeshift into a variety of different forms.

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There is no question that Game Science has created an amazing narrative and environment for gamers to explore; let’s keep our fingers crossed that we will find out more information very soon.

Black Myth Wukong Trailers

Watch the Black Myth: Wukong video trailer right here. At Gamescom 2023, a new trailer was presented, however, the fans have not been given a date for the game’s release yet. The gameplay footage places a strong emphasis on traditional Chinese mythology and takes place during the 16th century.

Black Myth Wukong Platforms

We can safely assume that Black Myth: Wukong will be available on both next-generation consoles and PCs, despite the fact that the developers have not provided any official confirmation regarding which platforms the game will be launched on.

Because the game is still quite a ways off from being released, it is an incredibly remote possibility that it will be ported to either the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One; nevertheless, we will have to wait and watch to know for certain.

It is clear that Game Science intends to test the graphics capabilities of every gaming system to their absolute limit with this title, which means that when it eventually does become available, it will be an impressive sight to witness.

That is everything that we are aware of concerning the upcoming action role-playing game Black Myth: Wukong, which will be developed by Game Science.

In the meantime, you can be confident that we will continue to provide the most recent information regarding the game as soon as it is made available to us here. Visit our website,, in the meantime for more information.

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