Destiny 3 Release Date: When Will It Be Unveiled?

Destiny 2 is one of the most popular live service games. Since its release in 2017, its distinctive blend of FPS combat and RPG progression has won it millions of fans, and as of 2023, it shows no signs of slowing down. However, the game has recently encountered a few problems, which has some speculating about a future sequel.

Will the third Destiny game ever be released? What would the release date for Destiny 3 look like? Could it possibly come this year? To know the answers, scroll down.


Destiny 3 Release Date

Destiny 3’s release date has not yet been announced by Bungie, and it’s likely never will be. With a steady supply of patches and updates, there’s no reason not to believe the studio when it says Destiny 2 is here to stay for the long haul.

The release of Destiny 3 would have seemed to have been most appropriate in 2020, right after the PS5 and Xbox Series X were introduced. But rather than a follow-up, Bungie gave Destiny 2 a next-generation improvement.

Destiny 3 Release Date
Destiny 3 Release Date

However, Destiny 2 has recently seen a number of technical problems, one of which led to account rollbacks for players. Some members of the community believe that Bungie should leave the project and start work on Destiny 3 as a result of all these problems.

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Unfortunately, as several other players noted, if the crew started working on a new game, these flaws wouldn’t just vanish. Don’t expect to hear anything about a potential Destiny 3 until multiple Destiny 2 expansions, which are still in the works, are completed sometime in 2024.

Destiny 3 Rumors

For any eagerly awaited game, there are rumors, but for Destiny 3, there are many. Recently, the unconfirmed game was trending on Twitter, though this was mostly due to people lamenting Destiny 2’s downtime and demanding the release of Destiny 3. In Destiny 2, it was noted that all player accounts were rolled back to 8:20 AM PST, on January 24.

You can see the official tweet by Bungie Help below with respect to the downtime in Destiny 2.

Some people have complained that Destiny 2 is using outdated software, and the most recent 20-hour outage only served to support these claims. Of course, that doesn’t indicate a sequel is in the works, but it does highlight how the game is getting older and potentially use a significant update. Unknown if that would be a genuine sequel or a significant extension, but it’s obvious that certain members of the community are eager to embark on a new journey.

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