Carol Burnett Husband
Carol Burnett Husband

Who Is Carol Burnett Husband? Meet The Spouse Of American Actress!!

Google “Do men like funny women?” and see what comes up. Numerous articles would surface, the majority of which appeared to lean in the direction of rejection. If one were to take it a step further, one might come across opinion pieces created solely to support the notion that women aren’t even humorous. That is obviously false and is consistently refuted.

Consider Carol Burnett, who has provided amusement for society for almost 70 years. It’s difficult to contest that she has a sense of humor when her career includes both her own variety show and a plethora of funny roles in movies and television. Does she have a significant other? Was Carol Burnett able to go against one of society’s illogical ideas about funny women by getting married? Here’s what we do know about her husband.


Who Is Carol Brunett’s Husband?

For more than 20 years, Carol Burnett has been wed to musician Brian Miller. They first connected in 1993 when she agreed to appear in a musical in Long Beach, California, for a period of six weeks. Brian not only played the drums for the performance, but he also had the job of hiring the other musicians. A few years later, they ran into each other again, and despite the fact that Brian is 23 years her junior, they instantly bonded.

You can have a look at the tweet below which confirms that Brian Miller is 23 years younger than Carol Brunett.

They got married in November 2001, and as of this writing, they are still together. The couple has indeed experienced a lot since their wedding.

When Carol’s daughter Carrie di*d at the age of 38 from pneumonia brought on by lung c@ncer two months after the wedding in January 2002, Brian was at her side the entire time. Carol remarked about not wanting to get out of bed when a play she and her daughter co-wrote was scheduled to premiere right after her passing. She also asserted several times that Brian had told her she owed it to Carrie to be there.

Who Is Carol Brunett's Husband
Who Is Carol Brunett’s Husband

Erin Hamilton, Carol’s daughter, has addiction problems, and in August 2020, Carol and Brian were given “temporary guardianship” of Erin’s son Dylan. Although Brian is not Dylan’s biological grandfather, he has known Dylan his entire life and loves him as his grandson. Now let’s delve into the past relationships of Carol Brunett.

Who Was Carol Brunett Married To In Past?

Carol has mentioned that she’s been married twice before getting married to Brian. She first wed Don Saroyan, who was the longtime executive producer of the Carol Burnett Show, and Joe Hamilton, who was her undergraduate love.

You can also check out the posts that are shown below if you are interested in learning more about the husbands of other notable people:

From 1955 through 1962, Don and Carol were wed. Although he was an actor like Carol, he never enjoyed her level of popularity. He primarily handled smaller parts or was involved in production. At the age of 62, he passed away on November 24, 1990, and was laid to rest at Los Angeles’ Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

Joe Hamilton, her subsequent marriage, ended up being the father of her three girls. He wed Carol in 1963 and the couple was divorced in 1984. Carol’s programs, such as “Carol and Company, Carol Plus 2, and two specials starring Miss Burnett and Julie Andrews—Julie and Carol at Carnegie Hall and Julie and Carol at Lincoln Center” were all produced by him. On June 12, 1991, he lost his battle with c@ncer and went away.

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