Claim To Fame Season 2: The Ultimate Showdown Of Rising Stars!!

The Claim to Fame Season 2 cast has been unveiled, and among them are the descendants of a former president, a country music legend, an Oscar winner, and numerous more well-known people.

The challenge on the reality TV program Claim to Fame revolves around the competitors’ attempts to identify their famous ancestors without disclosing their identities to their housemates. The ABC program is hosted by Kevin and Frankie Jonas and was created by the same team behind Netflix’s Love Is Blind and The Ultimatum. Read on to learn everything about Claim to Fame Season 2.

Spoilers For Claim to Fame Season 2

The second season of Kevin and Franklin Jonas’s well-known ABC reality series “Claim to Fame” is presently in progress, and there has been a lot of debate regarding the cast and major spoilers. The second season of Claim to Fame premiered on June 26, 2023, and Franklin Jonas posted a clip on Instagram for it.

Take a look at the Instagram post by Franklin Jonas which talks about the premiere of Claim to Fame season 2.


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Twelve new contenders made their debut, and each of them had ties to an unnamed famous person. (In case you missed it, the show’s objective is to identify the individual whose name appears in boldface in each competitor’s family tree.)

Spoilers For Claim to Fame Season 2
Spoilers For Claim to Fame Season 2

The items on each contestant’s “clue wall” at home provide hints about their hidden relationship to a famous person. The wall makes it easier for the cast and remote viewers to identify the contestants.

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You’re probably reading this article because you want to learn some juicy spoilers. The good news is that users of social networking sites like Reddit and Twitter have started putting the puzzle together and are making memes about the same some which we have mentioned below.

We won’t know for sure until the show airs, but names like Gal Gadot, Janet Jackson, Harrison Ford, and Anne Hathaway have been mentioned as probable celeb cameos.

Check out some of the tweets posted by fans of Claim To Fame below:

Clues For Gabriel’s Claim To Fame

The second episode of Claim to Fame’s second season showed that Gabriel’s ancestor was born in San Diego, California. He told a story about how a famous relative once bought Valentine’s Day bracelets for the four women he was seeing at once in episode three.

The failure of the test led to the publication of three hints about Gabriel and his team. His headshot was embellished with a red and yellow star, drumsticks, and a propeller cap, which the opponents mistook for the city of Dallas.

In Claim to Fame episode 4’s blindfolded statue identification challenge, Gabriel’s team correctly identified the statue as a hamburger. Gabriel made a suggestion in his confession that this might be his most important piece of knowledge.

He thought about the Keenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell movie Good Burger as a potential option. As Gabriel informed the audience, Keenan and Kel were present when his brother made an appearance on Nickelodeon.

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