Is Wayne Brady Married? Exploring The Question Of His Marriage!!

On Monday, September 19, Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) season 31 is scheduled to debut. Wayne Brady, a reality TV personality, is one of the numerous contestants that will take part in the show and try their luck at dancing.

His marital status has generated a lot of discussion in relation to that. The comedian is now single, and there isn’t much information accessible regarding his love life. To know what we know about his married life, read on!!

Is Wayne Brady Married?

The 50-year-old Wayne Brady has been married twice before, but he isn’t married right now. 50-year-old Actor, singer, and comedian Wayne Brady has already been married twice. His first marriage was solemnized in 1993 when he wed artist and lyricist Diana Lasso.

Is Wayne Brady Married
Is Wayne Brady Married

The DWTS competitor at the time was in his early 20s. There isn’t a lot of information online about the pair. After two years of marriage, Wayne and Diana separated. They eventually decided to part ways since they matured and gained perspective over time.

Check out the tweet below which confirms the divorce of Wayne and Diana.

Brady married Mandie Taketa, a writer, dancer, and performer, for the second time in 1999. Before concluding their divorce in 2008, the pair lived together for a very long time.

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Wayne and Mandie decided to stay close for the benefit of their daughter Maile Brady despite their separation. They are close neighbors and spend a lot of time together as a family, which makes it possible for them to successfully co-parent Maile. Brady is still grateful to Mandie for being there for him when he was 42 years old and at his lowest point.

Take a peek at the twitter post below which states that dancer Mandie Taketa divorces talk show host Wayne Brady due to irreconcilable differences after 8 years of marriage.

Brady is looking for a partner who will tolerate his friendly relationship with his second wife despite the fact that he is currently unmarried.

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