Is Chrishel Stause Married
Is Chrishel Stause Married

Is Chrishel Stause Married? A Peek Into the Personal Life of the ‘Selling Sunset’ Star!

Terrina Chrishell Stause is an American actor born on July 21, 1981. She is known for playing Amanda Dillon on All My Children and Jordan Ridgeway on Days of Our Lives. She also has a part on the Netflix reality show Selling Sunset.

She is a beautiful real estate agent who became a reality TV star and has charmed the world with her excellent taste in luxury homes. Fans and people who don’t watch “Selling Sunset” are interested in Chrishell Stause’s personal life. The big question is, “Is Chrishell Stause married?” We find out who this popular star is d@ting amid rumors and mystery. Let’s talk about some exciting star news.

Is Chrishel Stause Married?

Actress Chrishell Stause of “Selling Sunset” and musician G Flip have tied the knot. The news was shared by Stause on Instagram on May 10 with a video set to the artist’s most recent single, “Be Your Man.”

“Love doesn’t always go as planned… Sometimes it’s immeasurably better,” she captioned the video and revealed a photo of them tying the knot at the end of the reel.

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In May of 2022, the couple—the Australian musician who uses they/them pronouns and Stause—officially came out. During a “Selling Sunset” cast reunion, Stause confirmed their relationship. She was honest about their age gap at the time, which was 13.

Based on the information provided on, Stause said

“You don’t get to choose where you meet someone. You don’t get to choose when you meet someone in their life,” Stause said. “So recently, I’ve also met someone in a different place in their life. I have recently been spending a lot of time with someone important to me. Their name is G Flip.”

Stause revealed that she first encountered G Flip when she was cast in one of their music videos, which she discussed at the reunion. Stause claims to have been G Flip’s realtor when they first met in 2021.

Is Chrishel Stause Married

The two “had only met in passing” before the concert, but their coincidence of wearing identical outfits to the show was uncanny. Early in 2022, a few months later, G Flip attended a party at Stause’s residence.

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“I rocked up to Chrishell’s party totally by myself and forced myself to talk to people and make friends,” G Flip told the Vogue Australia publication. “Chrishell got stood up and then we ended up k!ssing.” Stause claimed that she “still thought” she “was straight” after the k!ss, but she developed sentiments when assisting G Flip in relocating to Los Angeles.

“I specifically remember because it was the same feeling you would have when somebody you have a crush on gets a little too close into your space, and you get a little … flustered,” she said.

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