David Miranda P@ssed Away: Glenn Greenwald Confirms Husband’s De@th

On Tuesday, May 9th, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald shared the sad news that his husband, Brazilian politician David Miranda, had p@ssed suddenly at the age of 37 after a long battle with a terrible illness.

In a tweet to his two million followers, Greenwald said:

In 2005, Miranda and Greenwald, an American expat living in Brazil, had their first meeting on Rio de Janeiro’s Ipanema Beach. They were dating for only five days before they moved in together.

Greenwald said:

“His mother dἰed when he was 5, leaving him an orphan in Jacarezinho.”

“But a beautiful and compassionate neighbor, Dona Eliane, took him in despite 4 children of her own and deep poverty, became his mom, gave him a chance for a life.”


David Miranda P@ssed Away

Mr. Greenwald stated:

“That gave David the chance to live his full potential in a society that frequently suffocates it.”

The way David was raised “always many assumptions made by those who didn’t know David because of how David grew up,”  Greenwald said.

Those who knew said that nobody possessed a more potent life force or stronger will. He was an extremely loving and caring dad. He counseled me like a father would. As Greenwald put it, our extraordinary sons, who all got off to rough starts, are his greatest achievement.

You can also look at the other stories we’ve linked to below:

He said David was the best,“the strongest, most passionate, and most compassionate man I’ve ever known.”

Greenwald claims that no one spoke out against him.

“The pain and loss are beyond description.”

You may also read Glenn Greewald’s various statements regarding his husband’s p@ssing on his Twitter Account. For the sake of our youth and nongovernmental organizations, I will work hard to continue in his footsteps. And I know that many people will recognize his importance and appreciate his work.

Greenwald is the name of the journalist that was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of the Edward Snowden case.

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