Tom and Jerry Creator De@th: How Did the Legend Star D!e?

Tragedy Strikes the Animation Industry! The cherished creator of the mischievous duo Tom and Jerry has p@ssed away. As an extraordinary career comes to a close, we delve into the heartbreaking story behind the legend’s departure.

Join us as we reveal the untold tale of how the creative mind behind Tom and Jerry p@ssed away, leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. Prepare to unravel the enigma surrounding the creator of Tom and Jerry’s demise and pay tribute to their incredible legacy.

Tom and Jerry’s Creator De@th

Gene Deitch p@ssed away peacefully in his Prague apartment on the evening of April 16, 2020, at the age of 95. We don’t know what k!lled him just yet. In 1960, Deitch’s Munro won the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film.

In 1964, his works “Here’s Nudnik” and “How to Avoid Friendship” were both nominated for the same award. He had previously created the “Tom Terrific” series and in 1958, his co-production of “Sidney’s Family Tree” was nominated for an Academy Award.

Chicago native Deitch had intended to spend ten days in Prague in 1959. He was born on August 8. Behind the Iron Curtain, he directed 13 “Tom and Jerry” episodes plus a couple of “Popeye the Sailor” ones.

Tom and Jerry Creator De@th

His life in communist Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic after the anti-communist Velvet Revolution of 1989 is chronicled in his memoir “For the Love of Prague,” which may be viewed on Amazon.

In 2004, he was honored for his lifetime of work in the animation industry with the Winsor McCay Award. Deitch’s first wife and three of their cartoonist/illustrator sons are still together now.

He was instrumental in the series’ rebirth by directing 13 episodes of the Tom & Jerry series and one episode of Popeye the Sailor for a TV syndicate in 1961. At North American Aviation, where he created intricate airplane drawings, he was exposed to visuals for the first time.

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After becoming intrigued with the medium and deciding to pursue an apprenticeship in 1955, he eventually rose through the ranks at United Productions of America to become the Terrytoons’ creative director. Over the course of his six-decade career, Deitch also worked on several animated feature projects.

In 1960, under his direction, the short animated comedy “Munro” was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short. His films How to Avoid Friendship (1963) and Here’s Nudnik (1964) were also nominated for the same prize.

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