Does Danny Masterson Have Kids? Examining Family Life Of The Actor!!

Daniel Peter Masterson was born on March 13th, 1976 on the borough of Long Island, New York, in the United States. Masterson spent his childhood in Garden City and East Williston, and at a very young age, he began pursuing a career in the entertainment world. Danny Masterson is a well-known DJ, actor, and convicted felon from the United States.

On Thursday, September 7, 2023, Danny Masterson was found guilty of two charges of r*pe and received a sentence that ranged from thirty years to life in prison for each count. The actor, who is 47 years old and best known for his role as Steven Hyde in That ’70s Show, insisted throughout the entirety of his trial that he was innocent.

However, in May of 2023, a jury decided that he should be found guilty of the allegations against him. Despite the fact that he has been in the public eye because of his conviction, everyone is interested in learning more about his children.

Does Danny Masterson Have Kids?

Together with his wife, Bijou Phillips, the actor has a daughter who goes by the name Fianna Francis. The allegations that an actor had been assaulting were made public, and as a result, life for Danny Masterson and his family took a dramatic turn for the worst. Nevertheless, for the entirety of the trial, his wife remained by his side. Additionally, she was spotted showing her support for Danny in the public eye on multiple occasions.

Does Danny Masterson Have Kids
Does Danny Masterson Have Kids

Since Fianna Francis was born on February 14, 2014, she is currently nine years old at this time. After being married for three years, Masterson and Phillips were finally blessed with a child in the year 2011. On social media, Danny Masterson frequently refers to her as “Muppet,” which is also her nickname.

The actor who has now been convicted frequently posted photographs of Fianna to Instagram. Because she was born on February 14, he jokingly referred to her as a “Valentine Baby” when she was first brought into the world. When Fianna was five years old, her dad started referring to her as his roadway of life.

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His most recent birthday wish for Fianna was posted in the year 2021. The actor then went on to upload a picture of his daughter rushing into his arms in the same post, and he said in the caption, “Happy bday bestest of best friends.”

Take a peek at the Instagram post below which verifies that Danny has a daughter.


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Although the actor did not continue to post to his Instagram account after the month of October 2022, he did share a variety of pictures of his daughter over the course of his account’s existence. His posts on social media demonstrated that he cherished his relationship with his daughter and enjoyed the time they spent together. In addition to that, he frequently made a number of updates on Fianna and released photographs of the two of them engaged in an activity.

Even the actor’s very last photo that he uploaded to Instagram before being sentenced was a selfie with his wife Bijou, their daughter Fianna, and their family dog. After a grueling two days in Los Angeles, he stated in the Instagram post, “After a long two days in LA it’s coming home to these 3 perfect ladies that makes a boy smile.”

Danny Masterson is being held in custody for a short period of time at this time in the Los Angeles County Jail.

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