Will Deion Sanders Have Surgery To Remove A Blood Clot?

Deion Sanders, a Pro Football Hall of Fame member, continues to deal with health issues. Sanders, 55, has had health concerns in recent years, including amputating his left big toe and second toe in 2021 while serving as head coach at Jackson State.

Sanders had surgery to fix a dislocated toe and nerve problems, but the procedure was complicated by blood clots and poor circulation in his lower left leg. Because of these problems, Sanders had to amputate two of his left foot toes.

Blood Clots In Deion Sanders’s Legs Require Surgery

Sanders announced the procedure himself in a YouTube video posted on Thursday afternoon. The former Cowboys cornerback and current head coach at the University of Colorado will undergo emergency surgery on Friday morning to remove a blood clot in his groin.

“I have two clots in my legs, one in my right leg, one in my left leg, which is my thighs,” Sanders said in the video. “So now I’m having a procedure tomorrow to try to get those clots so now I can have proper blood flow through the leg so they can fix the toes. That’s what’s going on.”

Blood Clots In Deion Sanders's Legs Require Surgery
Blood Clots In Deion Sanders’s Legs Require Surgery

Sanders had two toes amputated in 2021 due to circulation concerns, and it was announced earlier this month that he may lose his left foot. Sanders stated early in his video that “no talk of amputation.”

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Sanders, the head coach at Jackson State in 2021, had three games wiped out by an amputation of his toes.

After Colorado’s dismal 1-11 season in 2022, Sanders was hired to lead the struggling Buffaloes in December. After just two winning seasons since 2016, the team has seen renewed attention after hiring him. One of those winning seasons was a 4-2 record during the pandemic season 2020.

MLFootball posted an official tweetColorado head coach, and NFL legend Deion Sanders is having emergency surgery tomorrow for a blood clot in his groin. 

“I ain’t going nowhere,” Sanders said. “Because we coming. I’m just trying to get all of this straight so that when I walk that sideline and walk my walk, because I can talk my talk, that I can walk my walk.”

For the first time in over three decades, the Buffs have sold out their season ticket allocation and all of their spring game tickets. Colorado’s first game is on September 2 at TCU, and a week later, former Big 12 foe Nebraska comes to Folsom Field.

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