How Tall Is Rauw Alejandro? Disclosing The Height Of Rising Music Star!!

Rauw Alejandro is a singer and songwriter from Puerto Rico. Numerous honors, including as two Latin Grammys and two “Billboard” Latin Music Awards, have been bestowed upon Rauw Alejandro. The albums Afrodisaco, Vice Versa, and Saturno, all of which were certified Platinum (Latin) or higher, were released by Rauw in 2020, 2021, and 2022, respectively.

Daddy Yankee (“Agua”), Ozuna (“Luz Apaga”), Noriel (“Cuerpo en Venta”), Cali y El Dandee (“Tequila Sunrise”), and Nicki Nicole (“Sabe”) are among the artists on whose songs Rauw has also appeared. In the third season of the Netflix series “Sky Rojo,” Alejandro joined the cast as Diego. Even though he has considerable popularity in his professional life, his followers are intrigued about his height. Read on to know all about how tall he is.

How Tall Is Rauw Alejandro?

Raul Alejandro Ocasio Ruiz, better known by his first name Rauw, was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on January 10, 1993. The height of Rauw Alejandro is 176 cm, and his weight is 70 kg. Rauw was raised in Carolina and Canóvanas and is the son of guitarist Ral Ocasio and backup vocalist Mara Nelly Ruiz.

Along with his father, Alejandro also lived for a while in Miami and New York City. Anuel AA, a Grammy-winning rapper, collaborated with Alejandro on the songs “Reloj” and “Eleg (remix)” on his debut album. Alejandro and Rauw have known each other since they were young children.

How Tall Is Rauw Alejandro
How Tall Is Rauw Alejandro

Recently, the singer has caught the attention of general public when he was accused of cheating Rosalia. In conclusion to this, he has broken up with the singer. He wrote, “I couldn’t keep quiet and continue to see how they try to destroy the realest story of love God has allowed me to have.”

Take a peek at the official tweet by Pop Base below which confirms. 

What Makes His Music Career So Successful?

Rauw started distributing music via SoundCloud in 2014. In November 2016, he released his debut mixtape, “Punto de Equilibrio,” and in January 2017, he joined Duars Entertainment. The next year, Alejandro was selected by Sony Music Latin to take part in the musical endeavor Los Próximos, which included fresh talent and helped Rauw catch the attention of other musicians.

Alejandro recorded a number of songs prior to the release of his debut studio album, including La Oportunidad, Toda (with Alex Rose), T.T.I., El Efecto  (featuring Chencho Corleone), and Fantasas (featuring Farruko). Fantasas achieved 19 Latin Platinum certification in the United States, while Toda and El Efecto reached 6 and 9 Platinum, respectively.

In May 2019, Alejandro released the EP “Trap Cake, Vol. 1,” then in November 2020, he released his debut album, “Afrodisaco.” The album peaked at #75 on the “Billboard” 200 chart and was certified 6 Platinum (Latin) in the United States and 8 Platinum in Colombia. It also debuted at #3 on the “Billboard” Latin Rhythm Albums and Top Latin Albums charts and #2 on the PROMUSICAE Spanish Albums chart.

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The year 2021’s “Vice Versa,” Rauw’s second album, peaked at #1 on the PROMUSICAE Spanish Albums chart as well as the “Billboard” Latin Rhythm Albums and Top Latin Albums charts. The single Todo de Ti received two Billboard Latin Music Awards, peaked at the top of the Monitor Latino charts in more than 15 countries, and the album was certified 8 Platinum (Latin) in the United States. In Mexico, the song achieved Diamond+3 Platinum certification and 9 Platinum in Spain.

Alejandro released the album “Saturno” and the Grammy-nominated EP “Trap Cake, Vol. 2” in 2022. On the “Billboard” Top Latin Albums and Latin Rhythm Albums charts, “Trap Cake, Vol. 2” peaked at #6. It also debuted at #9 on the PROMUSICAE Spanish Albums chart. “Saturno” was certified Platinum (Latin) in the United States and Gold in Spain, and it peaked at #2 on all three of those charts.

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