Brianna Chickenfry Boyfriend: Is She D@ting Anyone?

Brianna Chickenfry is a very famous TikTok star, model, and part of the BFF podcast. She was in the news recently for having rhinoplasty surgery, but now she’s facing cheating claims after being seen on camera in a pool with a man who wasn’t her boyfriend.

She was shown intoxicated and performing a backflip in a pool with another man in a recently deleted popular video. Fans began to wonder who the man was with her when the TikTok was uploaded because he was not her boyfriend. We will tell you everything there is to know about Brianna Chickenfry’s boyfriend in this article.

Who Is Brianna Chickenfry’s Boyfriend?

As of now, there is no real evidence that proves who Brianna Chickenfry is d@ting at present, however, New York Post has confirmed that she is seeing Zach Bryan at the moment. Fans have also been wondering whether Chickenfry and Joey, who she was d@ting previouslt, have broken up and she is seeing someone new after she was recently spotted in a TikTok video with a new guy.

You can see the official Twitter post by New York Post below.

She is shown in the most recent TikTok video conversing inebriated with a new boyfriend while flipping in the water. Her absence from her boyfriend was immediately noticed by her followers, who immediately questioned whether she was d@ting someone new and who this new man was.

In addition, her boyfriend hasn’t posted any new pictures of them together in more than 40 weeks, which has likely led some followers to question what might be going on behind the scenes.

Who Is Brianna Chickenfry's Boyfriend
Who Is Brianna Chickenfry’s Boyfriend

There are still many unanswered issues, and only she can reveal whether she and her boyfriend are still together, whether they broke up, and who her new boyfriend is. Another possibility is that she’s still together, but her followers are starting to wonder because of the deleted TikTok.

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Who Has Brianna Chickenfry D@ted In Past?

Joey, whose real name is unknown and who is not a social media star, was the partner of Chickenfry. She previously d@ted NFL football player Nik Pelligrino before meeting him. The relationship was having a negative impact on both of their mental health, so the pair decided to end their relationship after d@ting for a while.

She hasn’t disclosed many specifics about her new lover because she hasn’t been in a public relationship aside from Pelligrino. She rose to fame as a TikTok star when she was young, and her career as a Barstool presenter and podcast host is currently flourishing.

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