Who is Alex Cooper Engaged to? Details From Call Her Daddy to Say Yes to the Dress

The news that Alex Cooper is getting married has made the Internet very busy. Alex’s life has been interesting, from co-hosting the highly popular show “Call Her Daddy” to getting married.

Fans are now eager to find out who the lucky man is who has won her heart and is now engaged to the podcast queen. As we all wait to find out who her fiancé is, let’s look at Alex’s story from “Call Her Daddy” to “Say Yes to the Dress” and find out what makes this proposal even more special.


Who is Alex Cooper Engaged to?

Alex Cooper got engaged to Matt Kaplan, who hosts the Call Her Daddy show and has been her longtime boyfriend, in an interview with W Magazine on Monday, April 24. Kaplan started both Awesomeness Films and Ace Entertainment and was the CEO of both companies.

According to the above story, Kaplan asked Cooper when they were both at their Los Angeles homes last month. She said that her future husband had taken her out of the house for a “photo shoot,” When she came back, the house was lit with candles, and love songs were playing.

Alex Cooper’s Instagram has a picture of her boyfriend publicly proposing to her.


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Alex Cooper wants to move up fast in his company. The “Call Her Daddy” host and Kaplan met in 2020 through Zoom’s video talking service. The next year, in March 2023, they got engaged. During their conversation in February 2021, the first person hinted that they might like Kaplan romantically. During their talk, she called Kaplan “Mr. S*xy Zoom Man” a lot.

Who is Alex Cooper Engaged to

In a recent interview, Alex Cooper from “Call Her Daddy” talked about her friendship with fiancé Chris Klein. Even though Cooper initially said she wasn’t sure if she wanted to get married, she changed her mind when she realized it was the right time for her relationship.

Check out the details of some additional celebs down below:

Alex Cooper’s Fiancé, “Matt Kaplan”

Kaplan is a well-known producer who runs Awesomeness Films as president and Ace Entertainment as CEO. He made these remarks on an episode of The Backlot:

“I was a quarterback for the Columbia University football team. For most of my childhood, football and movies were the only two things I liked doing for fun.”

The producer studied screenwriting and directing at film school. He joked that he wasn’t particularly good at creating, but after understanding his strength was in critical analysis, he made the transition.

Kaplan eventually prevailed, but it took a while. He began his career with Lionsgate as an assistant, rose through the ranks to become an executive, and contributed to The Hunger Games film series. After that, Blumhouse, a firm that makes horror movies, offered him a job.

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