Jennifer Aydin Divorce: How Did The RHONJ Star Met Her Husband Bill?

Dr. Bill Aydin and Jennifer Aydin haven’t decided to get a divorce yet. The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” actress is content to walk away with half of the plastic surgeon’s riches, though, if she succeeds.

Jennifer, 44, and Bill, 43, were out on a date when they jokingly raised a toast to their possible divorce. A video was posted in which Jennifer Aydin reveals what she will get if she agrees for a divorce with Bill. She held up her margarita and added, “You think we’ll make it another 19 years? Because at this point, like, if anything happens, bitch, I get half! Let’s cheers to that, baby. Well, maybe not for you. But I’ll drink to that!”

If you start sitting there and counting for the past 19 years how each person had unhappy moments, Bill declared it wouldn’t assist the equation because sometimes it’s challenging to step back from that.

Jennifer acknowledged that marriage requires a ton of work. After that, she told Bill that she didn’t want to turn into her mother, Josephine Altinel, whose hatred against Jennifer’s father, John Altinel, has been shown on “RHONJ.”

The Bravolebrity added that her mother has decided to overlook his ten-year relationship with a pharmaceutical representative, which was made public by Margaret Josephs on the Season 12 premiere.

Jennifer Aydin Divorce
Jennifer Aydin Divorce

Yesterday, she picked up her mother. Her mother said nothing about the affair during the entire car trip home from the airport. She thought she might have a viewpoint, but she didn’t.

Check out the tweet below, proving that Jennifer Aydin did say what she would get from Bill if they divorced.

Bill, who is usually reticent to speak, reminded Jennifer that his affair happened many years ago.

We have listed below the details of the divorces of some additional well-known celebrities:

Jennifer did, however, make it clear that she does not want to go through a divorce. You’re successful as long as both sides are willing to keep trying. You can tell things are bad when one of them checks out, after all. Jennifer also admitted that it felt really good to voice her complaints against Bill.

How Did Jennifer Aydin And Bill Meet?

At her brother-in-law’s wedding in September 2001, Jennifer and Bill, a plastic surgeon, met and clicked right away. The pair went on their second date after corresponding over the phone for a few weeks.

But strangely, when the couple got engaged, there was no ring. In place of that, Bill gave her a cross to signify the engagement in 2002 at a reception at her New York home.

They had five kids after marriage: Justin, Gabby, Jacob, Christian, and Olivia. However, the Real Housewives of New Jersey season 12 trailer foreshadows difficulty in their love nest after nearly 20 years of blissful marriage, particularly after Bill’s alleged infidelity resurfaced in 2019.

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