Jock Zonfrillo Cause of De@th: A Tribute to MasterChef’s Respected Judge

On Sunday, April 30, 2023, in Melbourne, the host of “MasterChef Australia,” Jock Zonfrillo, p@ssed away at age 46. According to reports, Zonfrillo’s family released a statement expressing their disbelief and sorrow at his p@ssing.

“So many words can describe him, so many stories can be told, but at this time we’re too overwhelmed to put them into words. For those who crossed his path, became his mate or were lucky enough to be his family, keep this proud Scot in your hearts when you have your next whἰsky.”

“We implore you to please let us grieve privately as we find a way to navigate through this and find space on the other side to celebrate our irreplaceable husband, father, brother, son and friend.”


In light of Zonfrillo’s p@ssing, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver took to Facebook to express his utter disbelief. He said, “We had the best time working together for this year’s master chef. “

Another famous British chef, Gordon Ramsay, called Zonfrillo’s p@ssing “devastating news.” In a tweet, he explained:

“I truly enjoyed the time we spent together on MasterChef in Australia, Sending all my love to Lauren.”

There has been no official word on what k!lled Jock Zonfrillo is. Zonfrillo, born in Glasgow in 1976, studied under some of the world’s most famous chefs. He got his start in the industry as an apprentice to the chef who would eventually be credited with saving his life, Marco Pierre White, in London, England.

Jock Zonfrillo Cause of De@th

Zonfrillo’s drug addiction dogged him for years as he built on his early achievements after tasting it as a young man in Glasgow last year. The book’s summary of “Last Sh0t” reads as follows:

“For years he balanced a career as a rising star among legendary chefs with a crippling drμg addiction that took him down many dark paths.”

Zonfrillo moved to Sydney, Australia, in 1999 and immediately became the head chef at Restaurant 41. After that, he launched Adelaide’s Restaurant Orana, a gourmet dining establishment that won honors in 2019 and 2020 before it was eventually shut down.

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The “Nomad Chef” show he hosted gave viewers a taste of the cuisine of some of the world’s most remote towns, and he also hosted “Restaurant Revolution” and “Chef Exchange.”

In 2016, he started The Orana Foundation to spread the word about traditional Indigenous Australian food’s greatness. He also won the prestigious Basque Culinary World Prize in 2018 for his work preserving and promoting Indigenous cultural and culinary traditions.

However, his appearance on the smash-hit Australian cooking competition “MasterChef” is what brought him to widespread public attention in recent years.

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