Keenan Anderson Cause of De@th: Details About How He D!ed Revealed!

The mystery is solved: Keenan Anderson’s sad end is revealed! The mysterious facts about Keenan Anderson’s death have finally been revealed, which is a shocking turn of events. Explore the scary details of how he died as we find out the truth behind this interesting but heartbreaking story.

What is Keenan Anderson’s Cause of De@th?

The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office has released the official cause and manner of de@th for Keenan Anderson, who d!ed on January 3 after being tased by LAPD officers.

According to a news release from the coroner, “the cause of de@th of 31-year-old Keenan Darnell Anderson was effects of cardiomyopathy (enlarged heart) and c0caine use (de@th determined hours after restraint and conducted energy device [CED] use),” the statement added. “It is unknown how the de@th occurred.”

Anderson, a high school English teacher from Washington, D.C., was arrested in January after LAPD officers determined he seemed to be under the influence following a traffic acc!dent in Venice. Anderson went to Los Angeles to see his relatives.

While he was talking to the police, he ran away, leading them on a brief foot chase. Anderson allegedly grew resistant after this, so they chained him using a stun g*n, their combined weight, firm grips, and joint locks.

According to LAPD Chief Michel Moore, Anderson was tased six times during the confrontation.

Keenan Anderson Cause of De@th

The autopsy report states that the discharged CED was examined outside the body and it was determined that Mr. Anderson’s back was struck by a drive-stun to activate the tr!ggers.

Anderson was sent to a nearby hospital, but he p@ssed tragically there later that day. Keenan Anderson, who was tased by LAPD and later d!ed, was the subject of a vigil.

His k!lling was one of three de@dly uses of force by LAPD officers in Los Angeles County within 24 hours, sparking widespread anger.

Since then, Anderson’s family has filed a $50 million lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles. Mayor Karen Bass issued the following statement in response to the coroner’s findings:

“Keenan Anderson was a father, a son, a brother, a cousin, and an educator of young people. He was loved and he is missed. My thoughts are with his friends and family as I know the release of this report will cause them and many Angelenos great pain as they still mourn this loss.

I remain committed to expanding the public safety system to include health professionals and to ensuring LAPD officers receive the best possible training to assist people in crisis.

The coroner raises questions that still must be answered and I await the result of the investigation already underway. I know that in this time of pain it sometimes feels like there is no hope, but we must turn the pain into concrete, substantive change – and we will.”

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