Kody Brown New Wife: Who Is His Current Spouse?

Reality television actor and polygamist Kody Brown hails from the United States of America. Kody Brown is perhaps best known for his role as a cast member in the reality television series “Sister Wives,” which centres on Brown’s own polygamous family. In addition to this, he was the focus of a high-profile judicial dispute in which the United States of America challenged the criminal polygamy legislation of the state of Utah.

Kody has asserted that he is only legally married to one of his four wives and that the rest of their relationships are “spiritual unions.” People are interested in learning the identity of his new wife despite the fact that he enjoys a high level of popularity among the general population. Continue reading if you want to find out the answer!!

Who Is Kody Brown’s New Wife?

Robyn Brown is Kody Brown’s most recent wife, despite the fact that it is common knowledge that he has been married a total of four times.

Robyn Brown, who stars in the reality show Sister Wives, maybe Kody Brown’s fourth wife, but it is impossible to dispute that she is the Brown family patriarch’s favourite child.

Have a look at the tweet below which confirms that Robyn Brown is the Brown family patriarch’s favorite.

The 44-year-old mother of five formally became a member of the family in 2010, and the family’s TLC reality series captured her introduction to the family during the debut episode of the series.

Before tying the knot with Robyn, Kody had previously tied the knot with Meri Brown in 1990, then Janelle Brown in 1993, and Christine Brown in 1994. Robyn was Kody’s fourth and final wife. In order to adopt Robyn’s three children from a prior marriage, the polygamist who is now the father of 18 children legally married Robyn in 2014 so that he could become their adoptive father.

Janelle stated that she and Kody were separated at the beginning of 2023, and Meri confirmed that she and Kody had “permanently terminated” their marriage. This news came after Christine made public in 2021 the fact that she had separated from Kody. Robyn is the only one of Kody’s wives who is currently involved in a romantic relationship with him. Now let’s take a look at how Kody and Robyn met.

Who Is Kody Brown's New Wife
Who Is Kody Brown’s New Wife

How Did Kody Brown And Robyn Met?

Robyn married David Preston Jessop, a man who practised the polygamist religion, as her first husband. David is reportedly Christine Brown’s first cousin as well as Kody’s third cousin. Robyn and David were married for only a short period of time, and although they had three children together and Robyn claimed she had intended to have sister wives, they were unable to do so.

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It has been speculated in the years that have passed since then that Robyn was the target of physical or emotional abuse during her first marriage.

In January 2023, Kody and Christine’s son, Paedon Brown, made allegations that Robyn was involved in a “extremely abusive relationship” with her ex-husband, David. Paedon said that Robyn’s connection with David was “extremely abusive.”

Together, they welcomed Breanna Jessop, Dayton Jessop, and Aurora Jessop. Robyn also posted an Instagram picture with her two daughters in which she appreciates spending time with her children. Robyn’s divorce from David was formalized after the couple had been living apart for two years.

Take a peek at the above-mentioned Instagram post here.


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Robyn first encountered Kody when she was 30 years old at the church that her cousin Reba attended. Robyn was apprehensive about becoming involved in anything new since she had recently gone through a divorce; despite this, she was able to form a strong friendship with Meri.

Robyn insisted on having a longer courtship with Kody than any of his prior wives had, and she did so for a period of six months before they got married. Robyn and Kody’s vast families were there on May 22, 2010, for the unique event of their spiritual marriage, which took place in the presence of God.

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