Maury Povich Honors the Legacy of Jerry Springer: A Lasting Friendship

People say that there are no lasting friends or enemies in the world of talk shows. Instead, there are only competitors. But Maury Povich and Jerry Springer were more than just “friendly rivals” After Springer died recently, Povich went on social media to celebrate Springer’s memory and tell the story of how their friendship lasted for more than 30 years.

In this piece, we look at the special relationship between two of the most famous people on daytime TV and how that relationship changed talk shows as we know them today.

Maury Povich Honors the Legacy of Jerry Springer

Jerry Springer, 79, passed suddenly from pancreatic c@ncer on Thursday, April 27. Even Maury Povich can recall him. In an exclusive interview, Povich commented on how he and Springer had been “friendly rivals” on daytime television before becoming friends and claimed he was “absolutely shocked” to discover of Springer’s p@ssing.

For the past twenty years, Jerry and I have shared an office; he just said, “We were all rivals, but at the same time.”We have also used the same studio for the previous decade or more. Therefore, we reminisced about the good old days whenever we crossed paths. Workers “loved working for him,” Povich said of Springer.

Even Povich has gushed about how much fun Jerry is to be around. He was funny, in my opinion. He has always found the funny side in common situations. The jokes were also cringe-worthy for their antiquity.

Maury Povich Honors the Legacy of Jerry Springer

Povich praised the ex-mayor of Cincinnati for always having a “smile on his face,” while Springer was praised for distinguishing between Povich and his talk show.

“Many viewers, according to Povich, have asked if his show is similar to Jerry’s. This is the deal, Maury; Jerry has repeatedly mentioned this to me. You are the genuine article. And I am the real deal.” If I’m for real, though, you still belong to Jerry, right? My observation was.

When reporters questioned him about the differences between Jerry and myself, he would invariably respond, “You got it right,” or something to that effect. I told him he’s doing WWE, and I tell true stories. Next, he says, “You’re right! Wrestling is a regular part of my performance.”

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Jerry claims that rather than being changed, television has been politicized. Springer became famous as the host of the long-running talk show The Jerry Springer Program on syndication for 27 years, as the judge on Judge Jerry for three years, and as a guest judge on America’s Got Talent for a short time.

Rabbi Sandford Kopnick of Cincinnati’s The Valley Temple, a personal friend and respected religious leader, told PEOPLE after Springer’s death that his “illness was sudden.” Before Rabbi Kopnick left, Springer said, “He hasn’t been sick in a long time.” A brief bout with cancer ultimately proved fatal for him. is a great resource for up-to-date news about celebrity deaths; bookmark it now.

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