One Piece Netflix Release Date: Counting Down To The Grand Voyage!!

The first installment of Eiichiro Oda’s ONE PIECE was released in the anthology magazine Weekly Shnen Jump on July 22, 1997. Over the course of the previous 26 years, the well-known manga has been adapted into a long-running anime series, 15 animated films, and 40 video games. In this summer Netflix will release its first live-action adaptation of the manga. However, to know the precise release date for One Piece, you have to scroll down.


One Piece Release Date

Do you believe you have what it takes to navigate the seven seas? The first episode of ONE PIECE will air on August 31, so get ready to don your straw hats. Following the completion of the primary sh00ting for the first season of the show, Netflix has just now revealed the release year for the show in a statement on Twitter.

ANMO Sugoi News posted an official tweet that confirms the release date.

It’s possible that followers may be relieved to learn that the recent WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes won’t have any impact on the new series.

One Piece Cast

In addition to Vincent Regan and Ilia Isorel’s Paulino, the cast of ONE PIECE also includes Morgan Davies, Aidan Scott, Langley Kirkwood, Jeff Ward, Celeste Loots, Alexander Maniatis, McKinley Belcher III, Craig Fairbrass, and Steven Ward. Chioma Umeala also appears in the show.

One Piece Cast
One Piece Cast

The show is produced by Tomorrow Studios and Netflix, and it was made in collaboration with the Japanese media company Shueisha. In addition to their roles as writers, executive producers, and showrunners, Matt Owens and Steven Maeda are joined by Marty Adelstein and Becky Clements in the role of executive producers on the show.

The following voice performers will be performing their roles once again:

  • Mayumi Tanaka – Monkey D. Luffy
  • Kazuya Nakai – Roronoa Zoro
  • Kappei Yamaguchi – Usopp
  • Akemi Okamura – Nami
  • Hiroaki Hirata – Sanji

Based on the information that is currently available, it appears that only the Straw Hat crew’s VAs will be making a comeback; however, we will make sure to update this list if any new information emerges.

One Piece Trailer

In the trailer, we are introduced to Monkey D. Luffy, played by Iaki Godoy, a youngster with rubbery skin who has aspirations of rising to the position of King of the Pirates. Luffy gathers a motley company of outcasts to serve on his ship as he continues his conquest of the ocean. These crew members include Roronoa Zoro (played by Mackenyu), Nami (played by Emily Rudd), Usopp (played by Jacob Romero), and Sanji (played by Taz Skylar).

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Luffy and his crew, who call themselves the Straw Hats, travel from island to island in search of the elusive treasure that is associated with One Piece. Obviously, there are bumps on the road on every adventure. During the course of their mission, the Straw Hats come across treacherous adversaries who get in the way of them winning the jackpot.

One Piece Plotline

There is not yet an official storyline synopsis available for the show on Netflix; nonetheless, we can anticipate that it will follow the plot of both the manga and the anime.The number of episodes in the series has been confirmed to be eight.

The plot of the anime will centre on Monkey D. Luffy, a teenage kid who eats Devil Fruit and transforms into a rubber body. This takes place on an alternate version of Earth in which pirates are commonplace. His childhood hero, the Red-Haired Shanks, inspires him to set sail across the seven seas in search of the One Piece and to fulfil his destiny as King of the Pirates. The story follows him during this time.

Although it is not entirely clear which specific anime arcs the live-action show will be covering, we can make an educated guess that they will be early arcs. Based on the characters that have been cast so far, it appears that the Baratie Arc, the Orange Town Arc, the Arlong Park Arc, the Syrup Village Arc, the Romance Dawn Arc, and the Loguetown Arc will all be included in the show.

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