Did Post Malone Really Achieve Impressive Weight Loss?

Post Malone is well-known in the music industry for writing creative songs that span a variety of musical styles. However, the artist’s weight loss has received notice apart from his profession as a musician. The amazing amount of weight that Post Malone has lost has generated conversations about his perspective on health and wellness.

In February of 2023, a user on Reddit posed the following question: “Has anyone else noticed that Post Malone has lost an insane amount of weight in such a short amount of time?” Post, who was 28 at the time, appeared to be noticeably thinner than usual.

In spite of the fact that Post (real name Austin Post) was never a stocky rapper, he did appear to have lost a significant amount of weight in 2023. On August 8, 2023, the rapper made a recent appearance on the podcast hosted by Joe Rogan which we have linked below, during which he discussed the factors that contributed to his success, including his weight loss.

Find out about his inspiring effort to lose weight, as well as the possible factors that led to this drastic change in appearance. Read the whole post to find out more about Post Malone’s weight drop.

How Much Weight Did Post Malone Lose?

Post Malone, a well-known rapper from the United States, has recently garnered a lot of attention for his efforts to improve his health and fitness. In a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Post revealed his weight loss and the dietary changes that helped him achieve it.

How Much Weight Did Post Malone Lose
How Much Weight Did Post Malone Lose

He went from 240 to 185 pounds (109 to 84 kg) during this time. The rapper acknowledged that he could not have shed such a significant amount of weight in such a short period of time if he had continued his previous routines after gigs.

Look at the tweet below for confirmation that Post Malone has lost weight:

“Pop is not good for you in any way.” Post said in the episode. “It’s so good but so horrible. [I]f I just had a terrific performance, and you know what? I’m in a naughty mood. Have a Coke with ice, please.”

The evidence lends credibility to the post’s decision to abstain from drinking fizzy beverages. It has also been indicated that participants who reduced their consumption of sugary beverages by just one unit per day experienced considerable weight loss and improved health outcomes.

Rogan was an enthusiastic supporter of Post’s choice to adhere to a vegetarian diet. Also, he is in agreement with the “everything in moderation” approach to dieting and wellbeing.

Post Malone additionally shared a post on his Instagram account in which he claimed, “I’m not doing dr*gs, i’e a lot of people asking me about weight loss.”

Check the official Instagram post by Post Malone here.


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Post has indicated that he is nearing the end of his abstinence from alcohol and dr*gs, indicating that “next up is smokes and brews,” but he is going to take his time with the process since he likes to consider himself a patient man.

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Post has been sticking to a strict diet and maintaining a regular exercise routine. It’s possible that his hectic touring schedule was another factor in his weight loss. As of the spring of 2023, Post was finishing off a world tour, and while, ordinarily, the frequent irregularity of travel and interrupted schedules has a negative effect on a performer’s health, in this case, it was Post’s health that was suffering.

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