Ryan Reynolds and Snoop Dogg Battle for Billion Dollars

Now that Ryan Reynolds wants to buy a second professional sports team, Snoop Dogg has surfaced as a possible competitor.

According to Ian Mendes of The Athletic, the rap legend has joined the group of bidders led by Los Angeles billionaire Neko Sparks for the NHL’s Ottawa Senators. Reynolds’s Remington Group, which he currently directs, plans to offer $1 billion for the same business, as per the reports of thestreet.com.

It is unclear what Snoop’s interest in the team is, but according to The Athletic, Sparks group is not put off by the billion dollar price tag.

Ryan Reynolds and Snoop Dogg Battle for Billion Dollars

In two weeks, there will be another round of bidding for Senators, and having Snoop around would give the Sparks group an edge. Many speculate that Snoop will be able to attract even more high-profile backers to the bidding process.

With the rapper’s and other celebrities’ help, the team’s future marketing might see rapid expansion in the English Premier League, much like Reynolds did with Wrexham FC.

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Snoop’s interest in the acquisition is motivated by his desire to promote diversity in hockey. Snoop wants to make the NHL more accessible to people of color and those from low-income backgrounds because of the minimal number of players of color in the NHL.

“He’s passionate about trying to make this game affordable for visible minorities and kids in low-income areas who haven’t been able to play hockey in the past,” a source told The Athletic.

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