Is There Severance Season 2 Release Date? Get Ready For More Thrills!

Severance, the ultimate work/life balance horror story on Apple TV+, had viewers begging for more information as its devastating season one finale came earlier this year. Who, after all, casually wraps up a series like that with the future uncertain?

Fortunately, a second season was approved not long after the show’s season one finale; all we have to do now is wait for it to return to our screens.

The Ben Stiller-directed dystopia, which stars a cast that includes Adam Scott, has always been unsettlingly shiny and sterile. However, now that the gritty, hidden side is coming to light, it may put lives — both professional and personal — in danger.

What is the most recent news, then? Here is all the information you require regarding Lumon Industries’ plans for the future of the innies.


Severance Season 2 Release Date

Severance received the official go-ahead for season two the week before the season one finale aired. Given that the show has been steadily becoming into a cult favorite with rising audience week after week, the renewal is not entirely unexpected.

By the time Severance reached its finale, it was reported that it had been the most-watched ongoing streaming series for four weeks in a row. With that jaw-dropping season one cliffhanger, it was all but certain that the production crew would continue with the show.

Severance Season 2 Release Date
Severance Season 2 Release Date

Fans of Severance must still wait before seeing any new episodes, though. One factor is Ben Stiller’s intense workload. He’s dividing his concentration between work on The Bag Man and other projects he’s committed to.

Apple declared via a Twitter post that filming had started in October 2022, but the summer came and passed.

Have a peek at the official tweet by Apple Original Films here.

However, in light of the US Writers’ Guild of America (WGA) strike, Severance has since stopped production. Filming on the second season of the workplace drama, among other shows and movies, was halted in New York due to the strike.

Severance Season 2 Cast

The return of the core four cast members was confirmed along with the renewal news. These actors are John Turturro (Irving), Britt Lower (Helly), Zach Cherry (Dylan), and Adam Scott (Mark). Tramell Tillman, who plays Milchek, Mrs. Cobel’s sidekick and enforcer, and Patricia Arquette, who plays Mrs. Cobel, are also back with a fury.

Although Arquette is keeping quiet on potential plot twists for season two, like the rest of the cast, she did indicated that viewers should be very scared about what is to come.

Dichen Lachman, who portrayed the oddly aloof and monotone office therapist Ms. Casey, is one performer who is set to take on a significantly bigger role in season two.

By the course of the series, it becomes clear, nevertheless, that she is much more involved in Mark’s life than initially thought. She is actually his presumed dead wife, which is a whole other situation Mark now needs to unravel and understand. In addition, Christopher Walken will return, which may be useful depending on how much Burt learned that wasn’t revealed in the season one finale.

Severance Season 2 Storyline

Given how the season one finale devastated the lives of the Core Office Four, season two of Severance is going to be far more devastating than the first.

Helly has ruined a significant business event that was planned to promote the severance process after learning that her father, Mr. Eagan, is a significant Lumon player. As a result, her innie may have to pay a high price or her outie may have a lot of work to do to hide what transpired.

In another place, poor Irving may be tending to a wounded heart after learning that his ‘innie’ love interest Burt was actually a happily married man who was preparing to retire and start a new life with his husband.

Irving originally went away, but in the closing seconds he was trying to reach Burt by pounding on his front door. It’s unknown if he managed to reveal who he was in time to avoid being put back into his outie form.

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Before his brain was turned back into “outie” mode, Mark was able to inform his sister of what was happening with his “innie” and inform her that his presumed-dead wife Gemma is actually still alive and employed by Lumon.

After Dylan gave up his life to stay in the workplace and hold open the switches that allowed the others to transition from “outie” to “innie” mode, the future of Dylan was left with a big question mark. It is obvious that Milchek would most likely face some very terrible punishment at the hands of the enraged office manager after breaking into the room he was in during the series’ final minutes.

And for those who experience X-Files flashbacks while watching a show with strange codes, black goo, and eerie existential questions, be assured that the answers will come sooner rather than later—possibly as early as season two.

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