Is STPeach Married To Jay Chae? Navigating Questions About Their Marital Status!!

Is STPeach Married? STPeach, Lisa Vannatta’s stage name, is a well-known YouTuber and Twitch broadcaster from Canada. The online celebrity began live broadcasting in 2015 and now has more than 1 million followers.

STPeach married life has also received a lot of attention, despite the fact that she is best known for her gaming and gym videos. Everyone is curious about STPeach married life. Everything there is to know about Is STPeach Married or Not will be covered in this article.


Is STPeach Married To Jay Chae?

STPeach and her spouse Chae wed in May 2019 one year after announcing their engagement. On May 25, 2019, the pair announced their joyous news on Twitter.

The streamer tweeted, “We are married,” accompanied with a little clip of her husband k*ssing her on the cheek. The following tweet, which displayed their wedding bands, was posted on the same day that STPeach professed her love for Chae, describing him as an “amazing man” and expressing how fortunate she felt to be his wife.

Is STPeach Married To Jay Chae
Is STPeach Married To Jay Chae

She wrote, “Waking up as Mrs Chae. I’m so happy, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world and I cannot believe I get to call this amazing man my husband.”

Take a look at the tweet below which STPeach posted in which the couple can be seen showing their wedding bands.

STPeach and Chae decided to wear the hanbok, a traditional Korean garment, to their wedding. She explained that Chae’s family considered wearing a traditional Hanbok to their wedding to be important, and she felt honoured to be a part of such an important occasion.

Despite hearing hateful remarks and disparaging remarks regarding Chae’s race, the pair steadfastly remained committed to one another. STPeach claimed that their relationship was not significantly affected by the racist remarks and that they enjoyed reading the NextShark debate about their interethnic romance.

How Did STPeach And Jay Chae Meet?

STPeach uploaded a YouTube video titled “How I met my husband” on May 21, 2020, in which she discussed how she met Chae, who would eventually become her best friend and husband. The 29-year-old streamer stated she first connected with Chae through his friend Thomas in a MapleStory guild.

They weren’t close buddies back then; they were just acquaintances who played Starcraft on Skype while playing video games. They merely exchanged greetings and minimal conversation. But in 2016, after sending her a message saying he wanted some lady thoughts on some issues, they began speaking once more.

Both of them had just gone through breakups and were nearing the end of their respective relationships. They talked, but they didn’t both become single until April of that year.

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STPeach accepted Chae’s invitation to his house party because his parents had been abroad in Korea for about a month. During their initial chats, he began to flirt with her, but STPeach was not at that time interested in anything romantic.

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