Tami Roman Illness: Disclosing The Reason Behind Her Weight Loss!

The Real World is where many famous people got their start. Tami Roman also became well-known after making her debut in Season 2 of the MTV reality series Queer Eye alongside Karamo Brown. The reality TV veteran continues to appear frequently on television over two decades later.

She made her television debut on BET’s Haus of Vicious on August 17, 2022, and viewers soon noted that she appeared to have lost weight. As a result, rumors started to circulate that the reality star might be ill or may be suffering from any disease. Is Tami all right? To know the recent update on her health, keep scolling down.

Is Tami Roman Suffering From Any Illness?

The whispers concerning Tami’s recent weight loss are something she is well aware of. She has reassured her supporters that she is not physically ill and has not undergone weight loss surgery. Tami has struggled with her self-perception for a long time, leading to weight fluctuations and due to which she sometimes seems thin and sometimes very fat.

Is Tami Roman Suffering From Any Illness
Is Tami Roman Suffering From Any Illness

She is incredibly thin because she believed she needed to be in order to look beautiful, and every day is difficult for her. She continued by calling her relationship with losing weight a “obsession.”

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Tami indicated that people have seen her weight go up and down, from bigger to thinner, and that fans can even see this on Unfaithful and Haus of Vicious. All of this occurs as a result of her body weight changing.

Tami’s weight loss, nevertheless, isn’t always on purpose. She acknowledged that diabetes also has a significant impact. She discovered that she has type 2 diabetes, which causes her weight to fluctuate.

You may see the tweet below which states that Tami has disclosed that she has diabetes.

She had experienced a disorder in addition to this, and managing type 2 diabetes while also managing the disorder is difficult. She has also noted that, particularly when it comes to dealing with weight concerns, people don’t comprehend what it’s like to have this medical condition.

Tami has previously also spoken openly about her struggle with weight. The actor received a diagnosis of body dysmorphic disorder in 2008. Tami had indicated that she has struggled with her connection with food ever since she was a youngster.

Has Tami Ever Suffered From A Disorder?

In the past, Tami Roman talked openly about her battle with body dysmorphic disorder. With the presenters of The Real, Tami discovered the truth about how her eating condition started in late 2021.

Take a peek at the Reddit post below which confirms that Tami Roman has body dysmorphic disorder. 

TW: Tami Roman Reveals She Suffers From Body Dysmorphic Disorder (The Real)
by u/BuzzyBee752 in therealworld

Tami mentioned that it all started when she went to a modeling agency in New York City when she was 13 years old. The Basketball Wives star asserted that it can either be inherited, genetic, or result from a traumatic event that completely destroys one’s self-image.

The latter was the cause of Tami’s body dysmorphic disorder. Tami remembered how a modeling agent made her stand in front of a mirror and informed her she had double chin, fat over her knees, back folds, and sagging breasts.

Every time she looked in the mirror after that, starting that evening when she went home, she could always find something wrong with herself. Tami took extraordinary steps to maintain her slim figure following the traumatic experience.

For what it’s worth, we believe that Tami is gorgeous! BET airs brand new episodes of “Haus of Vicious” every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

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