Who Are Caleb Martin’s Parents? Meet the Dynamic Duo Behind His Success!

Step into the world of basketball star Caleb Martin, where ability runs in the family and greatness has no limits. In this exciting trip, we learn more about the lives of the two important people who helped Caleb get to where he is today. Prepare to be moved by a story that combines passion, hard work, and the power of parental advice.

Get ready to meet Caleb’s amazing parents, who not only helped him follow his dreams but also played a big role in his rapid rise in the world of basketball. Join us as we find out the hidden story of Caleb Martin’s amazing journey and the two people who helped him reach new heights.

Who Are Caleb Martin’s Parents?

Jenny Bennett is the single parent who brought up Caleb and Cody. There is no record of the father of the boys anywhere. Raheem is an older brother to both Caleb and Cody. The Reno Gazette-Journal reports that Raheem, Caleb, and Cody grew up in a 300-square-foot trailer in Cooleemee, North Carolina, a hamlet of just more than 900 people.

Jenny held down a trifecta of jobs, including that of scan analyst at Food Lion. She got up at two every morning and made it a point to be home with her boys by three every afternoon. She would occasionally forego eating in order to ensure there was enough food for her family.

When Jenny was only a teen, she became pregnant with Raheem and was immediately disowned by her family. She gave birth to twins, Caleb and Cody, two and a half years later. It wasn’t always easy for her to provide a stable home life for her sons. Caleb and his siblings, he said, witnessed dr*g dealings and sh00tings in the complex where they lived.

Who Are Caleb Martin's Parents

The guys, however, recognized her sincere efforts and expressed their profound appreciation. “I know it might sound cliché and corny, but she’s our hero,” Caleb told the media.

Caleb and Cody played college basketball for two years at NC State before getting full rides to attend the University of Nevada as members of the Nevada Wolf Pack. They have their mother to thank for all of their achievements.

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In 2020, the sons attempted to make amends to their mother for all she has done by buying her a car. “Used to get evicted. Now I bought my momma a car. I’m so thankful,” Caleb wrote on his Instagram Story alongside a photo of Jenny cheesing from the driver’s seat.

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