‘Young Rock’ Season 2: Release Date Status, Trailer, Cast, and Everything You Need to Know

If you don’t know who Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is, it’s easy to understand why. Wrestling, sports, music, and film and television are just a few of the genres he’s worked in. Black Adam star and legendary multi-platform personality have had a long and promising career, but aside from HBO’s Ballers, he hasn’t done much in the way of scripted television until now.

A few months after that, the first season of Young Rock debuted on February 16, 2021. “Everybody Hates Chris” and “Young Rock” are obvious influences on Young Rock, which chronicles Dwayne Johnson’s life at various ages, just like the title suggests.

As the most-watched sitcom on NBC in 2021, a second season was almost inevitable, and it may actually be here sooner than you think. Young Rock Season 2: Everything You Need to Know.


When Will Young Rock Season 2 Premiere?

On Tuesday, March 15, 2022, Young Rock will return to NBC and will be available to all Peacock subscribers a day later. Every Tuesday, new episodes will, of course, be broadcast under the same conditions. After March 15, new episodes are expected to air on Tuesdays at the same time, if not at the same time.

Watch the Trailer for Young Rock Season 2

To get a taste of the next serving of Young Rock, check out the quick teaser trailer below:


What Is Young Rock About?

However, there is more to the story than that. Not only is Dwayne Johnson the focus of the show, but he also plays a significant role in each episode. Flash forward to 2032, where The Rock is running for President of the United States, and the show’s flashbacks begin.

young rock season 3
young rock season 3

Many American citizens, however, do not immediately believe in The Rock’s legendary and infectious charm. Dwayne Johnson takes part in a series of interviews in which he openly discusses his past to put an end to this uncertainty. A non-linear series of flashbacks from Johnson’s childhood, adolescence, and college years is what remains of the show’s main plot.

Is Young Rock Based on a True Story?

The film indeed takes some creative liberties to tell its story more succinctly. Even if you believe Dwayne Johnson to be a time traveler, the future scenes in 2032 are a complete fabrication. Several characters from the show appear in these scenes, but they are played by their real-life counterparts rather than actors who were cast as younger versions of them.

Flashbacks are sometimes based on facts, but they are also embellished with romanticizing elements to make the story flow more smoothly and more naturally. Even so, Dwayne Johnson and Young Rock showrunner Nahnatchka Khan (Fresh Off the Boat) maintain that the show is as accurate as humanly possible, with a few major differences being the timeframe of certain sequences, despite their content being the same.

Who Is in the Cast of Young Rock Season 2?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson appears in every episode as a sort of narrator for the show’s flashbacks, if that wasn’t obvious enough.

In the three main stages of Johnson’s life, three actors portray him. As a child growing up in the early 1980s, Adrian Groulx takes on the role of Rock, who is surrounded by wrestlers from his own family. While still in high school, teenager Rock (Bradley Constant) is figuring out his role in the family’s finances and how to be a responsible adult. Finally, here’s Uli Latukefu as a young Rock at the University of Miami, when he was playing football.

Dwayne Johnson’s parents and other relatives play significant roles in the show. Ata Johnson, played by Stacey Leilua, is his mother, and she’s a big part of his life. Those sitcoms are known for their maternal archetypes, and she’s one of the best examples of one. His father and nick-named Rocky Johnson, played by Joseph Lee Anderson as the charismatic professional wrestler, is also a part of the mix.

Several other well-known wrestlers and celebrities may or may not make appearances during the show, but those are appearances best left a mystery.

Is Young Rock Season 2 Streaming Online?

For those who have access to cable or other live television, you can watch the latest Young Rock Season 2 episodes as soon as they are released.

Every Tuesday, NBC premieres Young Rock, an original series produced by NBC. But don’t worry if you missed an episode, because the same new episode will be available on Peacock the following day. To all Peacock members, including those who subscribe to the free (ad-supported) subscription plan, new episodes will be made available for download.

Will There Be a Young Rock Season 3?

The third season of Young Rock has not yet been canceled or renewed. Since the first season of the popular sitcom was the highest-rated comedy series on NBC in 2021, the network decided to announce the second season before it had even aired.

As of right now, the chances of Young Rock’s third season are completely in the air. Fans will have to wait and see how many people tune in to see The Rock’s origin story become a trilogy if they want to see the show’s second season be a success.

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